Comfortably select drawn buildings in JOSM

Posted by xeen on 28 December 2010 in English (English)

I'm currently tracing a lot of buildings from Bing imagery and while the "Buildings Tool" [1] is a big help, it doesn't cover all possible cases. Especially in naturally-grown town centres the shapes aren't always rectangular and many connected houses result in complex forms.

It's quite annoying to stop and tag each house with "building=yes", so I take advantage of JOSM's built in search feature. To select all ways which need the building tag I search for:

id:0 untagged type:way -role:inner

* id:0 limits the search to objects that have been created in the current session and not been uploaded yet. Essentially, this prevents the search from selecting other people's objects.
* untagged eliminates all objects, which I might have tagged while tracing (e.g. a plaza).
* type:way includes ways and removes all nodes and relations from the results.
* role:inner selects all objects that are part of a relation and have the role 'inner'. The minus in front of it negates the filter, thus "-role:inner" excludes all "inner" ways, i.e. the holes in buildings.

By default an object must fulfill all search criteria to be matched, thus the query above in normal English would be:

Select all new ways that aren't tagged and don't have the role "inner".

Luckily JOSM remembers the previous searches, so you don't have to copy&paste the search string each time :)


Comment from Chaos99 on 29 December 2010 at 00:04

A very simplistic solution to the same problem is: Just copy a tagged building (I additionally use source = Bing sat map) and past the tagges to all new buildingd. Thats just one key combo when the created way is still selected.

But your solution has more style, granted.

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Comment from bleakgadfly on 29 December 2010 at 06:11

Do you tag buildings with anything else than building=yes?

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Comment from EdLoach on 29 December 2010 at 09:29

If the ways have the role "outer" then shouldn't the tag go on the relation rather than the way? And as bleakgadfly suggests, if you do use anything than building=yes (such as building=house, building=garage, building=shop or whatever) then I guess you tag these as you go along and only tag the remaining buildings with the search described above?

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Comment from xeen on 29 December 2010 at 12:30

I haven't yet found any buildings that were distinctively enough to tell if it's a shop, supermarket or something else. So building=yes has been sufficient for me. The tag should probably go into the relation, but tagging the way is a possible case if it serves no other function (and it does not for the buildings I draw).

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