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OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike over 1 year ago

There are two things I'd like to see regarding licensing in OSM.

  1. A clear method showing how a license change might work. The last one was a long a painful process for both the cohesiveness of the community and the people actually doing the change.
  2. I don't think anyone actually knows what the average OSM contributor thinks/feels about licensing. Maybe they don't care at all as long as it is "open". A community survey could perhaps benefit, though maybe only those of us that are passionate for licenses would answer.

In my work with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team there are times where the license is an issue. For example many UN agencies have non-commercial clauses in their data, so simply removing the share alike wouldn't help. With government there are some groups that do not have issues with the ODbL and certainly others that do, usually depending on how they are contributing or benefiting from OSM.

Basically I'm saying there needs to be more research and a possible path shown. At the moment a license change feels impossible so getting many people on board even with the idea would prove difficult.

OpenStreetMap - Increasing diversity almost 2 years ago

Just wanted to mention I posted this to the diversity-talk mailing list. I would like to convene a meeting with interested parties to discuss.

Is the OpenStreetMap Rails App Appropriate for Other Data Sets? over 2 years ago

@ebwolf: One thing we've done is link things the other way. To the OSM ids. Which isn't perfect either since people can delete the feature and re-add it or split it or any other number of things that could change the OSM id. Though it has worked fine for what we have been doing so far.

@mikel: I wonder maybe the issue is that the OSM code base has completely been aimed at one base. I think there have been forks of it but the modifications have been for specific projects rather than with the goal of creating a geodata platform that could be deployed for a number of uses.

I think also the social aspects you are suggesting would make the rails application more useful for other types of communities. Meaning I would think the goal of using the codebase for another project would be to build a community around data. Currently that would be really hard, since all the other community tools that osm uses would also have to be set-up.