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I do most of my plotting in Devon, always on foot. Have written several GUIs to make OSM more accessible.

It took me 3 years to come to grips with the non NT IMG fileformat (TRE RGN NOD LBL) and the way highways,pois etc are plotted and networked in the RGN - my findings are published in the IMG Explorer,which you can download from my site. Recently,have explored Garmin's Junction View format (JCV) - more info on website.

Maps fascinate me but regrettably, judging by many satnavs, most if not all maps look pretty dire , bleak and uninviting. Because of this I developed TYPWiz3/4 .

If you want to produce your own Garmin maps without much effort , then download mapuploader3 , a GUI to create gemapsupps & upload osm maps to Basecamp etc. It can also check your style and TYP files & generate contours for most regions of the world.

Am keen on creating walking/hiking routes & produced a TYP file showing all of Devon's hiking routes. Check out 'Tricks with mkgmap style sheets' .