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closed 273555 will_p

The A453 (Clifton Lane) has been tagged with access=no here. Is it really closed completely? Seems unlikely.

3 days ago about 5 hours ago
open 273522 will_p

Need to check whether this Wilkinson branch has been rebranded as 'Wilko' yet.

3 days ago 3 days ago
open 273520 will_p

York House has been demolished. Survey needed.

3 days ago 3 days ago
closed 2308 SK53

These buildings are incorrectly labelled. Psychology adjacent to Music, Biology includes the one labelled Estate Office (lab greenhouses to SW). I dont know where Estates are now located (used to be where Maths is roughly)

over 1 year ago 5 days ago
closed 261413 Math1985

This is more commonly tagged as shop=hearing_aids

28 days ago 5 days ago
closed 219384

There is an electronic bollard at this point. Access along Peveril Drive is restricted to residents of the Park Estate.

3 months ago 5 days ago
open 272015 SomeoneElse

Obviously things are in a bit of a state of flux, but currently neither nor the parallel are oneway currently, which doesn't make a lot of sense. A few of the recent changesets here seem say things like "Attempt to resolve broken routing"...

6 days ago 6 days ago
closed 150506

This is the front of Chem (Firework)

7 months ago 11 days ago
closed 269702 trigpoint

Shouldn't this ref=13A be bridge_ref=13A, otherwise there will be some strange routing instructions

11 days ago 11 days ago
closed 57086 Nottm Jas

major Severn-Trent Water sewer works located here - one of the largest in the county. Survey needed

about 1 year ago 19 days ago

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