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closed 265655 SK53

Nature's Garden ppears to be closed (not open last Saturday or today Monday)

5 months ago about 21 hours ago
open 273520 will_p

York House has been demolished. Survey needed.

4 months ago 8 days ago
closed 307582 SK53

This looks like a bridge on Bing aerials, but the cycleway is connected. Need to check.

about 2 months ago 12 days ago
closed 83295 will_p

Henry Mellish School closed in 2009 ( Needs surveying.

over 1 year ago 12 days ago
closed 319329

Bus plug

4pm - 6:30pm

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
open 331495 will_p

Co-op closed. Building work taking place. According to sign outside, will reopen as an ASDA. Date to be confirmed.

13 days ago 13 days ago
closed 7617 SK53

Care Home under Construction 2013/06/11. See Planning application: 11/03208/PFUL3

almost 2 years ago 19 days ago
open 272015 SomeoneElse

Obviously things are in a bit of a state of flux, but currently neither nor the parallel are oneway currently, which doesn't make a lot of sense. A few of the recent changesets here seem say things like "Attempt to resolve broken routing"...

4 months ago 19 days ago
closed 75581 kevjs1982

Planned site for new NCT depot - is Castle College still here - looked rather abandoned from the road?

over 1 year ago 25 days ago
open 218929 SK53

Allotments or former allotments here. may have housing on them, requires a survey; as does status of allotments opposite & behind Sneinton C of E School

7 months ago 25 days ago

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