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Project HotSpot within the Inland Empire in Southern California over 3 years ago

My diary post is centered around the OSM Project of the Week: Project HotSpot, but more at the local level in lieu of the top 10 vacation spots. One of the points of HotSpot is: Can OSM have more detailed maps of tourism locations than MapQuest?

@!i! Local knowledge combined with pen-and-paper surveys with the help of Yahoo! images and existing OSM map data to line up the vector artwork. I normally print the Yahoo! images and the existing OSM data to serve as a starting point to record map features, using a pen and paper.

@liftarn No doubt about it; the Yahoo! images certainly helped, but the local businesses, their names, attractions, and other amenitites had to be locally surveyed. If you browse around Temecula on OSM, you'll notice that I still have some surveying to do :)