Temecula California Countryside/Night of the Living Maps

Posted by vvvexp97 on 5 February 2012 in English (English)

Good Day from Temecula, California!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the Night of the Living Maps Project:

If anybody's thinking about jumping aboard an all nighter on OSM on Tuesday night, here's what approximately 8 mapping hours worth of JOSM Bing traces would look like in the open country for a single mapper (the area started off with TIGER and GNIS data):

Sorry folks, this Temecula mapper can't be a zombie during the week...gotta work! But I've gave this countryside area east of Temecula nearly 8 hours of attention during last several days in dedication to Night of the Living Maps and plan to finish the rest of the Benton Road segment soon. Have fun on Tuesday!

Will be back in town wrapping up the detailed mapping of Temecula's Pechanga Parkway corridor once Benton Road is done.

Tip: Make sure you have an updated JOSM version with the 'F'-key shortcut feature which will make connecting the nodes of all of those natural areas much faster.

Location: East Benton Road, Sycamore Hills, Riverside County, California, 92592, United States of America

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