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How do you classify land use on OSM? Do you believe you could do it well? about 1 month ago

same here :-/

History of all Tags 3 months ago

Yes, sure. But one of my main design goals for this tool was to avoid having to set up and run any kind of database containing the full OSM data, so that's not really an option for me, unfortunately.

But if anyone out there already runs a (daily) updated OSM DB which could produce deltas of the counts of tags in their db (for little extra processing cost), please contact me – I'd love to use that data for updating the taghistory service.

History of all Tags 3 months ago

@SafwatHalaby: yes, but regular planet diffs don't contain all necessary data to keep this kind of data up to date (because they don't include the tags the modified osm objects had before the diff). Overpass' augmented diffs could in principle work, but they have other technical issues, see:

10 years of OSM data history 3 months ago

Right. I've changed the wording now. :)

Btw: I managed to find the pre-rails ruby code of the website/api you pointed at earlier: which seems to correspond to OSM's API version 0.3 (while the rails-port started at version 0.4 afaics).

10 years of OSM data history 3 months ago

Thanks for the clarification and background information, Richard! (But what exactly do you think is not quite accurate in my text?)

RTK test, Aerial pictures accuracy, and OSM Database Accuracy 4 months ago

Very impressive!

Btw: 7 decimal digits already correspond to about 1.1cm.

Odd brown area 4 months ago

Aha! Here we probably have our bad boy: (a building with one node in Vienna and the rest of its nodes in Zambia).

Odd brown area 4 months ago

@maxerickson: If that was the case, could it also explain that this glitch is only visible on zoom 19 and not on any other zoom level?

Odd brown area 4 months ago

wow, that's odd.

The brown area has an apparently horizontal edge (at a latitude of approximately 40.13558) when you follow it from here eastwards (up until a longitude of ~27.47677), and a regular zig-zag structure in southwards direction. Towards the north-west it looks "randomly glitchy".

Better Walking Papers 7 months ago

Very cool, but a main killer feature from the original walking papers is missing here (as far as I can see): the ability to automatically georeference scanned-in walking papers to quickly have them in an OSM editor as a background layer.

OSM Node Density – 2017 7 months ago

@Jedrzej Pelka: You mean the short flash of a black screen when switching layers, right? Does it look better now? I've now actually added in a bit of fading to make the layer switching smoother.

@imagico: Right. But I'm not sure if Joost (or anyone else) has already had time to actually look into it, though.

Sync your overpass queries with your osm account 7 months ago

@Zverik yeah, I think so.

Sync your overpass queries with your osm account 7 months ago

@CloCkWeRX: There's already a ticket for that on github: #219.

Better Maps - The riverbank and the bridge/forest 8 months ago

JOSM's ContourMerge plugin can also be quite helpful in such situations (especially if you want to avoid creating "unnecessary" multipolygon relations for areas without actual holes): First, split the forest very roughly along the river, unglue the middle section and use ContourMerge to join the two forest halves with the respective riverbank outlines.

Visualizing's Map Views 9 months ago

PS: For those interested in the technical implementation details: Recently I've switched out Vladimir Agafonkin's rbush library with his kdbush implementation, which offers even faster indexing, resulting shaving off another few seconds of startup times. Awesome stuff!

OSM Node Density – 2016 Update 9 months ago

Jennings, I think I just run the commands as explained here (I'm not sure why it reads zoom=16 here – this should also be 15 or lower). That generates a 1 gigapixel (32768x32768) density map, which cut into tiles corresponds to max zoom level 7 on the slippy map:,places

I tried to use my tms tile source{z}/{x}/{y}.png with mapboxgl as well, and see similarly blurry results. Not sure what's going on. Maybe it's related to

Preparing accurate history and caching changesets 9 months ago

Hey. Great work and thanks for providing this as a service!

PS: are the cached (raw) augmented diffs also publicly available?

Lets have changeset mentions 10 months ago

Biggest problem is probably finding unambigous syntax for all the sorts of mentions (node/way/relation/changeset/user) that people want.

What about just using URIs as identifiers? Github shortens typed URLs to other tickets: becomes #123. That should work for us as well (e.g.<type>/<id> becomes type/id or something similar). For user mentions the @username pattern is already a well established.

Surfacing Wikidata objects with coordinates to match them with OSM 11 months ago

Wikipedia editors created a lot of stubs from Geonames which went to generate new Wikidata items having only the label in the sh iso code

oh… that sounds like a lot of fun to clean up after this import.

In fact, I already found quite a lot of duplicate wikidata entry pairs where one stems from a "real" wikipedia article and one from a geonames-imported stub article. (e.g. Q1526768 and Q18473363.) Fortunately, one can quite easily fix them by merging the items with this wikidata tool: (@sabas: I've signed those points on your tool as "non mappabile" because the respective item is now a redirect, is that the correct way to do it?).

Describing Wikidata items with OpenStreetMap tags 11 months ago

You can also see which OSM tags are already linked from wikidata on the following (daily updated) list on taginfo: Strangely, it only reports 872 items.