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# Wrapping up Google Summer of Code 4 days ago

Thanks for your good work! I'm really looking forward to having the lane editor in iD - it's going to be awesome B-)

Towards OSM community revision of data confirming data classification 9 months ago

Isn't this exactly the same diary entry as the one you posted already 4 days ago?

Creating interpolated GPX files for Mapillary 9 months ago

I suppose there are better ways to fetch a GPX file from a OSM way

You could also use overpass turbo ( to load the way and export it as GPX from there.

due parole sullo SPAM WAR da Bot e come secondo me potremmo prevenirlo 9 months ago

Nel passato è stato proposto di usare un sistema come su osm, ma non è mai stato implementato…

Top 25 cities in the world by the number of POI 12 months ago

Ah, I see. The city-area definitions are really quite different:

Top 25 cities in the world by the number of POI 12 months ago

How did you define the bbox of a city? Because using the Overpass API, I would get significantly smaller numbers of objects (e.g. 18k for Essen or 31k in Dortmund: The numbers are even smaller when using exact city limits (e.g. 12k for Dortmund: or 18k for Yokohama).

highway=footway, path solved? about 1 year ago

In the meantime, the PR has been merged already.

The Renaissance of the fixme-tag ... via Osmand and over 1 year ago

There appears to be a small typo in the MapCSS code above. To display the text for all features (not just nodes) there must be an additional comma between way and relation: {{style: node, way, relation { text: fixme } }} should do the trick.

OpenStreetMap Node Density Visualized about 2 years ago

max1e, sure, I'll send you a personal message!

OpenStreetMap Node Density Visualized about 2 years ago

max1e, yes, you should be able to install and run sed also on Windows (ask google). This visualization is done only for nodes because the raw data analysis was done (by Frederik Ramm, username: woodpeck) only for nodes. If you want also ways, you'd have to repeat the analysis step, which could be a quite extensive task, I suppose…

Über Imports over 2 years ago

Yes, but you can just pan a couple of hundred meters to the South (or in any other direction) and you have the same situation again: Dozens of version 1, imported buildings in low quality, version 1, imported landuse polygons. This is what I'm seeing basically anywhere else in rural France.

Ein Loblied auf FIXME over 2 years ago

Einen Nachteil haben die FIXMEs aber schon: Man kann darüber nicht diskutieren. Bei komplexeren Problemen ist das aber oft sehr nützlich.

overpass turbo now with MapCSS support over 2 years ago

@jotzt: no, I'm afraid, that's not yet implemented.

Mapproxy for Danish Geodata Agency aerial imagery over 2 years ago

We should also add this to the editor-imagery-index, I guess…

Sistemi Etichettatura, Marcatura, Pipe Marking, Manufacturing, ReLine over 2 years ago


The Overpass Query Wizard over 2 years ago

malenki, you can use MapCSS in overpass turbo to customize the colours (and more) of the output:

Karte des mitteleuropäischen Bahnstromnetzes over 2 years ago


Bahnstromleitungen gibt es nur in Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich, Schweden, Norwegen und den westlichen Gebieten der USA.

Wie meinst du das? Natürlich haben doch auch praktisch alle anderen Länder mit elektrifizierten Bahnstrecken eigene Bahnstromsysteme? Gerade in Ländern mit Gleichspannungs-Bahnstrom wie Italien ist durch die notwendige hohe Frequenz von Einspeisepunkten ein gut ausgebautes Zuleitungsnetz wohl wichtig. Beispiel:

"Maproulette" in JOSM almost 3 years ago


zu 3.: Echt? Wäre mir noch nicht aufgefallen. Hast du ein Beispiel dafür? (Denn nur damit kann man herausfinden, wieso das passiert und wie man das Programm korrigieren kann.)

zu 1.: Das wäre recht fahrlässig für eine Routing Software, denn es kommt schon häufig vor, dass bei Wegen trotz nahe beieinanderliegender Enden keine Verbindung existiert, weil z.B. eine Mauer dazwischen liegt.

Correzione Tag almost 3 years ago

Nice to see someone caring about quality assurance. :)

But please make sure to read and respect the Guidelines for Automated Edits if you do this on a large scale. For example: it would be nice if your global changesets would have a description/comment in English, as not everyone on the world understands Italian ;)

Umfahrung Auer eröffnet – auch in OSM almost 3 years ago

Danke, die Wiki-Seite kannte ich noch nicht. Scheint aber nicht sonderlich gut gepflegt zu werden…