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"Microsoft has donated far more valuable map data to the project". Really ? almost 3 years ago

Bing sat is provided with official support from Microsoft. This is very good. I'm very surprised because I know Windows is one of the 2 greatest closed-source OS's out there. Although surprised, I'm very very happy that Microsoft provides us aerial/satellite images. Compared to Yahoo or even our "new national maps for Greece"(CC-BY 3, incompatible with odbl) it is way better.

Yahoo never gave us their official support but just some of their employees helped osm to solve some interpretation issues of their terms of service.

Thanks Microsoft for your kind donation of Bing maps! People, the media misinforms people on a regular basis. It's their job.

Help wanted tracing and editing Kosovo and Albania about 5 years ago

Can all the data be used so it is compatible with the CC-BY-SA 2.0 or the new database license discussed at legal-talk of osm?

Is it ok to replace someone else's trail? almost 6 years ago

The openstreetmap data you mean? or GPS traces stored on the openstreetmap server?

May 11th, 2009 almost 6 years ago

You joined at the right moment! Recently (transition from version 0.5->0.6) the feature of adding comments to your edits have been introduced. I use this to document what I do, and in that way it's like a mini-diary sort of thing.

It reminds me of Wikipedia's comments that you add after making an edit.

My first editing with Potlatch almost 6 years ago

Yes. Although I use JOSM. In the beginning I used potlatch a bit, but I was afraid to make errors, so I started learning JOSM (took a while), and it works differently than potlatch.

www.ö quite cool. I use it to study bus routes almost 6 years ago

I've lived in only two countries: Sweden, and now I live in Greece.

Most out of date data in OSM? almost 6 years ago

We need a mapper like you, to spot these mistakes. Good work!

Note taking using a voice recorder: Help required almost 6 years ago

I don't know. I use yahoo imagery , and I visit places by foot. I don't use any gps or audio recording. Although I sometimes use the camera in my cell phone.
Maybe you can post your message to a mailing list, or the openstreetmap forum at

test almost 6 years ago

Not only works, but is a very beautiful map! (mapnik) :)

Getting started about 6 years ago

That's great. Your contributions are welcome.

postcodes!!!! over 6 years ago

marinheiro, maybe it's better for us to learn programming and write some sort of script which adds tags to a selected area and automatically adds the postcodes to them. Then everyone can use it and we don't have to do lots of work separately, thus saving lots of time.

Making a few places ready for the street numbering project part 1 over 6 years ago

The key used for the building/entrance number is (key) addr:housenumber (value) number . In JOSM version 970 (which I use) I select from menu Presets-> Places-> Addresses, so I didn't notice the key until it was set automatically.

I first learnt about the general project here:

Adding more roads to the map in Hereford over 6 years ago

I walk or use public transport. I don't think I ever want a car, but prefer a bus where lots of people can be moved around with little gas/fuel.

Started to map Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso! over 6 years ago

Nice progress. The differences between mapnik and osmarender show that there is work going on there.