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I love this feature!!:

  1. -> show relation Z on map

  2. -> show way X on map

  3. -> show node Y on map

Hello there. I mostly mapped in Thessaloniki, Greece. Now I map in Sweden.

CC0 is my fav copyright waiver/license because of simplicity, and less legal headaches. Also CC0 1.0 fits within half a page of an A4 paper, while most other licenses take pages to read! WTFPL though must be the shortest and most clear of all licenses, but still my 2nd favourite because of the harsh language, though I understand many people's frustration with copyright and other artificial barriers in relation to the free exchange of ideas.

My avatar is CC0 waived by the user Boysano on opengameart, optional(not required) attribution can be given(you don't have to) to the pseudonym "Boysano"