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Releasing GraphHopper 0.6 1 day ago

But it still seems that normal users cannot use this new feature yet on the public instance at

like mentioned on

Eine neue Funktionalität und kleine Verbesserungen in der Hausnummerauswertung - 2016/01 5 days ago

Auch ein seeeehr großes Lob an dich, okilimu!

Ein Vorschlag vielleicht:

Bei der Straßenlisten-Auswertung kann amn sich ja jetzt neu von Staat zu Bundesland zu Landkreis zur Gemeinde durchklicken, aber jeweils mit etwas Wartezeit ...

Wäre es da möglich, da so eine Eieruhr oder einen Spinner oder wie immer das auch heißt einzubauen?

OpenStreetMap POI finder 8 days ago

After some playing around:

Does this service also display POI elements that are mapped as a WAY element?

Because restaurants for example in my area are only displayed when maped as single node.

Can anyone confirm?

PS: and what about a feature to "blank" the page so that no route, buffer and POIs are displayed and you can start a new query?

Qualitätskontrolle mit Android-Apps about 1 month ago

Für Android gibt es neben den bisher genannten noch mindestens:

Be-On-Road Scout (wird nicht mehr aktualisiert, Project von Telenav ist wohl tot) Maps.Me MapFactor Navigator free Navit ZANavi

Dann noch zum POI erfassen: Osm Contributor

Download about 1 month ago

Alle Informationen dazu sollten sich im OSM-Wiki unter finden lassen ... davon gibts auch die Seite in Deutsch da.

Libosmscout in 2015 about 1 month ago

Nice to see progress, and thanks for all your efforts!

By the way: Where does main development of Libosmscout take place actually? on github or still sourceforge? Maybe give a hint on the sourceforge website?

And is the OSM wiki page about Libosmscout still up-to date? see

Greets, Stephan

Improve OSM Improved - and now with Turn Restrictions about 2 months ago

Many thanks for your efforts, Martijn!!

Can't wait to try the new plugin when a bit more time available ...

Is it possible to give all JOSM user a hint that any loaded plugin for missingsroads and trafficflowdirection are deprecated now by teh new plugin?

Is JOSM able to "delete" the old plugins after a hint to the users?

The most inefficient way in North America 2 months ago

Indeed I also would appreciate when there is a possibility to make your toolchain public.

And thumbs up for your efforts so far!!!

Hello OSM World 2 months ago

Hello, and welcome to OSM!

A did a bit of reasearch whether there are any local OSM related channels, maybe on OSM forums or OSM mailinglists ... but nothing special for Albania ... Do you already have other ways how to get in contact with other mappers around you?

Greets, Stephan

Starting with OSM Mapping: Mapping my hometown, Jorhat 4 months ago

Hello saikabhi, nice work!!!

When having finished the main work in your home town, do you already know the 1000 possibilities of Quality Assurance for OSM data?

If you want, write about your experiences ... maybe not all services are available for the whole planet ... if we get enough user voices, why not extending those to more countries?

Fast OpenStreetMap micro tasking with To-Fix and JOSM 4 months ago

I will give this new plug-in a try as soon as possible ...

What about adding this plug-in to the list in the OSM wiki at ?

Does your language have maps? 4 months ago

Hint for everybody who is interested in this topic:

See the OSM wiki about Map Internationalization

(Please tell us if there is missing something in that wiki article, or more stuff is outdated already)

Missing Roads - The Missing Manual 4 months ago

Hi ... why not including these instructions in the OSM wiki?


How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data 4 months ago

nice job: ... Thanks!

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data 4 months ago

Hello Martijn,

really nice work!! Will try deeper when enough time ;-)

What about a mentioning this service / plugin in the OSM wiki?

Maybe at Quality Assurance or similar?

Or did I miss something that there is already an entry about this Missing Road Tool?

Greets, Stephan

Falsche Ortsbezeichnung 5 months ago

Hi, gehe mal zum OSM-Forum via und logge dich dort mit deiner OSM-Userkennung ein,

dann gehe dort zum deutschsprachigen Unterforum, und poste dort deinen Text nochmal ...

Denn dort sind Experten, die sich mit politischen Grenzen und Stadtteilen und Ortsnamen gut auskennen.

CheckAutopista2 is here 6 months ago

Nice job!!

So we need a new screenshot on ? ;-)

Extracting regions from planet.osm ? 7 months ago

Hello adaviel,

I fear that both known offline editors (Merkaartor 0.18.2 and JOSM) are NOT able to load raw OSM data with the extend of a whole province.

So I recomment to download data for a bigger area step by step via the built-in data download features.

In JOSM you also have the continuous download feature or plugin, which loads data when you drag the data layer inside JOSM when there has been no download for that area before.

Download Probleme von Kartenmaterial! 7 months ago

Hallo Octalis,

im OSM-Wiki gibt es eine Sammlung weitere Dienste, mit denen man qualitativ hochwertige Kartenausdrucke bekommen kann:

Berichte mal über Erfolg oder weitere Fallstricke.

Is there an app for creating notes? 7 months ago

with Osmand, you can also record voice notes, and make geolocated photos.