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PostgreSQL/PostGIS optimizations for Rendering 9 months ago

Thanks Vincent, i have updated the how-to a bit to your comments.

I'm using a only slightly modified version of the osm-carto stylesheet - of course it depends on it.

  • shared_buffers - of course, i mixed it up in the how-to.
  • wal_buffers: i did read 16M somewhere, did not test it - but thanks for the hint on checkpoint_segements, which i forgot to mention

no, i havent known or tried any other analyzers ;-) I'm completely new in the field of DB optimizing - thanks for the hints!

Convert OSM Data into Shapefiles over 1 year ago

Hi ab_fab,

osm2gis has some limitations, e.g. you cannot choose the attributes/columns - I'm looking for a way to convert my own selection of tags used in the osm data into attributes in the shapefiles.

greetings, Michael

Buildings in MHG about 4 years ago

Not yet, but tried it out after your hint - will use it next time :-)