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What's new in uMap about 2 years ago

I really love this project! I've used it to build a map of go clubs: , which I update from a database: .

What would be the best way to upload new map data? At the moment, I have a script which turns my database into a set of geojson files, and then I check which of them have changed, and then I go to the map, empty each of the changed layers and upload the updated geojson. Surely that's not the most efficient way to do it?

UK Open Government Licence over 7 years ago

This looks like a really exciting development! We should all use it an example when lobbying our governments.

It has begun about 8 years ago

Well done, and a good start - welcome!

Laptop, Ubuntu and Nokia LD-4W about 8 years ago

Great stuff, thanks! I'll check tangoGPS out. I did some useful street-name, gpx and POI logging with LiveGPS today on JOSM with Nic Roets driving.

Laptop logging about 8 years ago

Thanks guys - I'll probably keep using my phone for logging while cycling, but the laptop might come in handy for driving. I've had the most success so far with LiveGPS, but I'll keep looking for other options.

Henndorf about 8 years ago

Good on you! The nice thing about OSM is that each time you make a change in the right direction, it's 100% win.

Photogrammetry about 8 years ago

I've pasted the howto that Ainsworth posted on the wiki: That's a good place to take this discussion further.

Photogrammetry update about 8 years ago

I've dumped this text at - please see the talk page: maybe one should go straight to PGM instead of a 100% jpeg? I dunno.

verschieben einer Strasse over 8 years ago

Wie FK gesagt hat, arbeitest Du mit Potlatch (siehe z.B., was auch kein Fehler ist. Man kan so genau aufzeichnen wie man will (auch Hecken und Mauern) aber ich zeichne typisch was fehlt. Wo es viele Straßen fehlen, soll man sich besser nicht um Geschäfte kummern.


Good news bad news over 8 years ago

Wow, thanks for the offer! I've already gotten the replacement, thanks.

Top marks for Garmin UK over 8 years ago

Ouch!! Almost a very expensive lesson on safe GPS usage, eh? I've got a bluetooth GPS unit for my phone and I used to clip it onto the front of my shirt while biking, but these days I just leave it in my backpack - I'm too scared of it dropping off unnoticed. When I'm in the car, it can be lying in the glove-box and still pick up 10 satellites, so you really don't have to wave them about.

Resort over 8 years ago


What on earth is this? over 8 years ago

Thanks guys! Now I know... @NE2, no idea. @HannesHH They're coming to take me away, haha.

Countering Google's propaganda over 8 years ago

Interestingly, Google Maps was quite useful to me recently. My latest edits took the following form: I took a look at my neighbourhood in Google Maps and OSM. I saw the difference, climbed on my bike and went logging tracks. OSM was mostly right, and Google Maps was way wrong. I added some new features that neither had (one blocked-off road, three boom gates and some private access), fixed the length of two roads and added a road that we didn't have. It also was my first time to scan data into Walking Papers, which is a pretty cool tool.

Not completely relevant, but not completely irrelevant.

More relevant, I'm going to talk to my landlady, who teaches geography, and see whether I can get her to start a walking papers project at her school. More useful than fighting google maps: let's just keep being better.

My first international edits over 8 years ago

Not perfect, but I've classified everything that I added that I could find as well as I could.

My first international edits over 8 years ago

OK, I'll remember that in future.

My first international edits over 8 years ago

Brilliant, thanks!

Unfortunately, because I was driving alone, I couldn't take very good notes, so where I didn't know anything about a road, I didn't say anything. But I guess I should at least have marked them as "highway" or something so that it's clear that they're not railways.

I know exactly where the overlapping ways come from: I was adding new nodes in JOSM, and I didn't realize that I was creating ways at the same time. I'll be aware of that in future.

Sponsoring von OSM over 8 years ago

Sie sind ein wahrer Genie, und Holux sind scheinbar Philantropen! Wann werden wir die Holuxe auf dem Verleih-webpage sehen?

Mapping footpaths on WUR campus over 8 years ago

Everyone starts as a newbie. Fortunately "good" and "useful" are the required level - "perfect" can come later :-)

should every OSMer be an expert in Geodesy? over 8 years ago

This kind of person can sometimes be coaxed into making useful contributions even if they originally come only to point and laugh (and make marginally relevant comments in as opaque language as possible). If not, no big loss: If he's one in a million, there's 6000 others just like him.

OSM might not be doing everything right, but there's an impressive amount of professionalism happening now that the project has achieved critical mass. Now it doesn't depend on one individual, but on maintaining and supporting a core of well-informed, dedicated contributors who routinely do the impossible in their free time, and shepherding an army of well-intentioned amateurs who sporadically do their best.