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open 648272 skquinn

West Mount Houston Road is not actually divided east of here.

1 day ago 1 day ago
open 643281 skquinn

Is this store still open? It is or was a martial arts supply shop from what I was able to find out online, however one site hints that it might be permanently closed.

4 days ago 4 days ago
closed 103590

This road is Royal Lane within the city limits of Dallas, which end on the east at Interstate 635, the border with the city limits of Garland.

over 2 years ago 26 days ago
closed 133909 railfan-eric

Is this labeled and tagged correctly? I am trying to label and tag water works and waste water correctly.

over 2 years ago 26 days ago
closed 288824 rickmastfan67

Interchange here is under-construction to add in a new flyover alignment for Future I-69. Once such ramp opened on 12/20/14 (Future SB I-69), however no imagery allowed to be used in OSM shows the alignment yet, or even the area under-construction.

over 1 year ago 27 days ago
open 289654 skquinn

Mapbox shows something here when zoomed out; it disappears when zooming in, presumably because the lower zooms are older pictures.

over 1 year ago 27 days ago
open 45170 Mary-Kay

Rigden Farms

almost 3 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 41744

There is a private dirt road leading down to the water, over a bridge, and then back up the hill connecting Farm to Market Road 2933 to Highridge Drive. The Farm to Market side is called DeShan Tr, and can be found on Google Maps for the gist of its beginning. Satellite images can further define the road as it goes through the woods as well.

almost 3 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 7732 skquinn

This is a US-Mexico border crossing, not just a simple toll booth. Is there a better way to tag this?

about 3 years ago about 1 month ago
open 605607 skquinn

Bing aerials show cars driving this road, and a parking lot further down. I doubt this is exclusively a cycleway/foot path.

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago

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