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closed 292244 skquinn

note="A 160 acre indigenous prairie remnant located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas." but polygon as it stands right now is only 115.117 acres according to JOSM measurement plugin. Boundaries need adjustment?

about 1 month ago 1 day ago
open 306739 skquinn

No heliports obvious from aerials nearby. Residential area to the south, rail yard just to the north. AirNav still lists heliport; needs survey to confirm continued existence/operation.

4 days ago 4 days ago
open 299684 skquinn

What is the westbound/southbound routing of US 27/52/127 through this area? Map only shows northbound/eastbound via Central Avenue/Ezzard Charles Drive.

18 days ago 6 days ago
closed 276118 scout_osm

A user of the OSM-based Scout app reported the following possible map error: "In Tucson east 18th street does Not cross alvernon ! There is a median on alvernon that forces 18th street traffic to turn right"

More information is available at:

Comments on this note are unlikely to be seen by the actual reporter of the error, but will be reviewed by the Scout team.

For more information about Scout, visit

2 months ago 6 days ago
open 304802

bounds: (27.3388,-81.4339 - 27.3217,-81.3923)
Map is showing wrong data here. Shows Golfview Dr, instead of Peachtree Dr

8 days ago 8 days ago
open 284830 skquinn

This appears to be divided on the aerial; can someone confirm?

about 2 months ago 14 days ago
closed 299693


18 days ago 18 days ago
closed 257512 Minh Nguyen

Cars can be seen parked along the westbound side of this road in the NAIP 2013 satellite imagery. Are cars really prohibited or is it just “no through traffic”?

3 months ago 18 days ago
open 299248 skquinn

Are all of these actually signed as Fairgrounds Road?

19 days ago 19 days ago
closed 299243

Hampton Inn & Suites

19 days ago 19 days ago

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