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open 1011708 skquinn

Website for Sarah and Sheila's Nail Salon appears to be down as of the time of this note but is still showing up in DuckDuckGo. If not back up by 2017-06-28, website needs to be removed from node.

about 2 hours ago about 2 hours ago
open 1011705 skquinn

Website that was listed for this golf course is offline and has been removed. Can someone confirm the golf course is still operational?

about 2 hours ago about 2 hours ago
closed 216739

bounds: (38.1591,-84.9056 - 38.1515,-84.8848)
The map shows the correct location but uses the the wrong city. The map says the location is in Versailles KY but it is really in Frankfort, Ky. All of the info I entered (address and zip code ) are Frankfort info. This map has had this problem for years and never gets fixed. I keep reporting the problem and it never goes away,

almost 3 years ago about 5 hours ago
open 288001 skquinn

Needs survey to confirm roof vs. actual building outline. Guess based on service drive routing (changeset 27545985).

over 2 years ago about 20 hours ago
open 918360 skquinn

Does anyone know the proper location of the Boddhi Buddhist Temple or whether or not it exists? (It's definitely not in the middle of Westpark Drive.)

3 months ago about 20 hours ago
closed 376539 skquinn

I tried my best not to make a mess of the lane tagging when dualizing this. I would appreciate a quick review to make sure.

almost 2 years ago 3 days ago
closed 950698 skquinn

Are these considered two lanes? They aren't marked as separate lanes

about 2 months ago 6 days ago
closed 950700 skquinn

Alignment needs improvement here, it's trickier than I have time for at the moment

about 2 months ago 6 days ago
open 946138 skquinn

Does this NASA laboratory have a current website? The one listed does not resolve (503 error).

about 2 months ago 20 days ago
open 990212 skquinn

There is at least one more hump on this section of West 34th Street, but it's not visible from the aerials

20 days ago 20 days ago

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