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open 326495

I live on this road...
This data is incorrect...I suspect taken from google maps, <or some other common repository> as they share this same error....

the main road is "shaped" different, not as long, and the "driveway" branches are really inaccurate....
,best I can describe is to say, check area on google maps, it will allow you to see the difference between the "road map" and aerial images>

Also the name "Cartwright" was given up many years ago in favor of "Difficult"...though "cartwright" persists on older maps...

almost 3 years ago 14 days ago
open 359644 skquinn

Address of c-store is 2430 West Commerce Street; is this actually signed somewhere as Main Street or is this an error in TIGER data?

almost 3 years ago 15 days ago
closed 12133 skquinn

Not visible from aerials. Can anyone confirm this island still exists?

over 4 years ago 18 days ago
open 976618 skquinn

Do I see this right? Part of the building is a performing arts center while the other part is a courthouse?

10 months ago 22 days ago
open 254666 skquinn

Can someone please confirm the exact way this street is named on the signs and change if needed?

over 3 years ago 28 days ago
open 269288 midnightcomm

labeled on NE 85 as cary street, not Adams

over 3 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 990212 skquinn

There is at least one more hump on this section of West 34th Street, but it's not visible from the aerials

10 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 365482 skquinn

Ref is in wrong format, needs changing

almost 3 years ago about 1 month ago
closed 225704

bad tiger? roads need to be cleaned up here.

over 3 years ago 2 months ago
closed 482108 mattflaschen

Can't go south on 9th past Erie

about 2 years ago 2 months ago

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