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closed 310327 andygol

This neighborhood has developed significantly since this map was created.

5 months ago 8 days ago
closed 383799 ashleymarie0509


11 days ago 11 days ago
open 382407 skquinn

I'd appreciate it if someone could fill out the rest of this shopping center. I remember Papa Murphy's, Mathnasium (recently opened), a nail salon, and a Chinese restaurant, but not what is where and I'm sure there are a couple of places I'm missing.

13 days ago 13 days ago
open 290950 skquinn

What exactly are these roads/tracks out here? Paved or unpaved? City/county maintained? Residential, or potentially more important road as the area is developed?

6 months ago 14 days ago
open 253212

bounds: (40.4085,-104.7342 - 40.3938,-104.6926)
Map area is blanked out.

9 months ago 14 days ago
open 381253 skquinn

Railroad is misaligned by a significant distance in this area. I have realigned a short section but more needs to be done.

15 days ago 15 days ago
closed 377710


22 days ago 22 days ago
closed 330015 John Hogan


4 months ago 23 days ago
open 376681

Out of date.

23 days ago 23 days ago
open 285429 skquinn

This doesn't look like a baseball diamond on the aerial.

7 months ago 23 days ago

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