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open 269686

Fleming's Steakhouse

11 days ago 22 minutes ago
closed 266286 skquinn

This used to be a Starbucks a couple of years ago or so; did anything else ever open up here?

19 days ago 40 minutes ago
open 275149 skquinn

None of the signs on this road today say Bammel Road. The legal mailing addresses are all FM 1960 West. If I were to tell someone local to "turn left on Bammel Road" they would probably give me a blank look.

Why, again, do we name this Bammel Road on OSM when the name is not in use today anywhere that I can see?

42 minutes ago 42 minutes ago
open 275145 skquinn

The map needs to be updated for the new ramps to US 290 and I-10, which are considerably further back than the old ones.

about 1 hour ago about 1 hour ago
open 275057 skquinn

Hayden Run Road needs to be divided on approach to the roundabout.

about 9 hours ago about 9 hours ago
open 275056 skquinn

Riggins Road and Riggins Court need to be divided on approach to this roundabout.

about 9 hours ago about 9 hours ago
closed 266587

Address : 5201 Mitchelldale Suite A8
City : Houston
State : Texas
Zip Code : 77092
(713) 395-1508

please add this

18 days ago about 10 hours ago
closed 275042

Skyline Drive

about 10 hours ago about 10 hours ago
open 274720

bounds: (26.4659,-98.3162 - 26.4135,-98.2657)
Map doesn't show names of streets

about 23 hours ago about 22 hours ago
open 274252 skquinn

Does Albemarle Lane still go across Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard here?

2 days ago 2 days ago

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