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open 288531 skquinn

Needs re-survey to see what if anything has been built here since

about 1 hour ago about 1 hour ago
closed 287986 skquinn

These can't both be Humble Westfield Road.

1 day ago about 2 hours ago
closed 281918 skquinn

Some of these roads that go through the rail yard should probably be retagged as service roads.

13 days ago about 2 hours ago
open 288495 skquinn

Needs survey to confirm through route is possible (with appropriate vehicle), it is unclear from aerial

about 2 hours ago about 2 hours ago
open 288398 wallyQ2

Butterfield (new name)

about 11 hours ago about 7 hours ago
open 288396 wallyQ2

Prairie (new name for past 5 years)

about 11 hours ago about 7 hours ago
open 288333 skquinn

Are these just badly misaligned or do both Randolph Drive and Lela Drive no longer exist and the service drive there is named something else (if anything?)

about 17 hours ago about 17 hours ago
open 226239

bounds: (29.4596,-95.096 - 29.4428,-95.0544)
Map is missing data here. the Borden Gully neighborhood/street is not on this map. It takes you to the wrong location

4 months ago about 22 hours ago
open 288231 skquinn


about 22 hours ago about 22 hours ago
open 288216 skquinn

Does anyone with local knowledge know if Texas 288 is actually freeway (fully access controlled) for the sections tagged as motorway (blue)? There are many at-grade intersections which Keep Right is quacking about.

about 23 hours ago about 23 hours ago

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