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open 1123524 RichRico

Is the name of the place "Eternal Suffering and Damnation" instead of "Norton High School"? Can someone please confirm the same and update the map accordingly if yes?

8 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 1151680

No one considers this area Kamm's Corners. That label shouldn't be there.

7 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 1312979 florinbadita_telenav

Possible typo. Is either 'Horseshore Blvd' or 'Horseshoe Blvd' spelled wrong?

about 2 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 1284375 skorasaurus

before i forget the ap. building over here is spring oaks apartments.

3 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 1089488

This area should no longer be considered a construction zone. Residents began moving in April 2017.

9 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 1060149 Jothirnadh

Got customer feedbak saying that the name of the park at this location is `salt fort state park`. If so please add it to the map.

9 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 151091 skorasaurus

can't tell from aerial imagery (digitalglobe/mapbox satellite) or bing whether there is a small bridge here or not, since i'm on a slow connection and can't get hi-res imagery

about 4 years ago 2 months ago
closed 578093 Sparks

emergency vehicles allowed

almost 2 years ago 3 months ago
closed 643245 Maanya

Hey there,
Could somone please conform the loaction of Belvoir Blvd.

over 1 year ago 4 months ago
open 1240422 skorasaurus

verIfy if this road is still accessible; STRAVA heatmap shows usage; but NOAA imagery from 2017-09 shows that the road is barely there or not used.

4 months ago 4 months ago

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