2013 OSM US Board Election: Manifesto

Posted by sejohnson on 4 October 2013 in English (English)

Who Am I?

Hello, I'm Steven Johnson based in Arlington, VA. I've been active in the OSM project since 2008, played a part in organizing the US Chapter, and served on the inaugural board in 2010. I'm active in organizing mapping parties and editathons mostly in the Washington, DC area, and mostly through MappingDC. In the last year, I organized an OSM working group within the US Census Bureau and have been conducting mapping parties as part of an effort to establish a partnership between OSM and the Census Bureau.

Here is why I've decided to run again:

  • Forging relationships between government agencies and OpenStreetMap is becoming increasingly important. Collaborative relationships between OSM and agencies can reduce the risk inherent in data imports as well as generate interest in OSM. Plus, I believe that a cadre of citizen mappers have a key role to play in building strong, public institutions. Many local governments cannot afford to collect the level of detail we put into OpenstreetMap, so the map is an ideal place for public agencies and citizens to collaborate.

  • Closely related to the above, I want to solidify the relationship between the OSM project and the US Census Bureau. The OSM community is one of the largest constituencies for Bureau data (specifically, TIGER) and having a liaison benefits both the Bureau and OSM. Also, the value of OSM to the Bureau's operations has barely been explored. I have been able to expose many in the Bureau to OpenStreetMap and help them identify ways it can benefit Bureau operations. I very much want to continue this advocacy.

  • Education and outreach is a growing focus of mine, particularly as a means to increase the diversity of the OpenStreetMap community. I'd like to initiate efforts to get OpenStreetMap taught to middle- and high-school students so we cultivate a stream of new mappers to the project as well as interest students in geography and their environment. I could contribute to a curriculum, like 'Learn OSM' or conduct trainings and seminars.

  • Lastly, I love mapping! I want to continue to increase the utility of the map. I maintain an active focus on improving address quality and road connectivity (to support routing). Arlington, VA is my 'garden', where I have added and maintain all the public buildings, parks, and facilities to the map as well as a great number of commercial establishments.

  • Lastly, I'm excited to work with this great slate of candidates!

Location: Spy Hill, Ballston, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, 22205, United States of America

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