Dodgy Changeset

Posted by sdoerr on 23 May 2011 in English (English)

Anyone else think this changeset ( looks dodgy? Has anyone reading this contacted the user about it?


Comment from Chris Fleming on 23 May 2011 at 13:56

Definitely look they they didn't realise what they were doing. I would send a nice message and look at reverting/deleting the changes.

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Comment from compdude on 23 May 2011 at 22:49

Appears that the user was just doing a test edit. Perhaps we need a "sandbox map" or something similar for new users to do test edits in. Wikipedia has a sandbox, and I suppose that could be very helpful in OSM.

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Comment from sdoerr on 24 May 2011 at 09:01

Message sent.

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Comment from exalon on 25 May 2011 at 14:49

it is his dream)

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