OpenStreetMap and MotionX-GPS

Posted by sdoerr on 20 March 2011 in English (English)

I've been working in a novel way today - novel for me at least. I'd been looking at the Keepright web site ( quite a bit lately, and manually fixing the odd error here and there.

But today I noticed that you can extract the errors in the area you're looking at to a GPX file. So I did that for my local area, although I unticked some of the error-types first as they were things I wasn't particularly interested in (like 'floating islands').

Then I had a look at an app I've had on the iPhone for a while called MotionX-GPS. I knew you could create waypoints in the app, so I wondered if there was a way to import waypoints from a GPX file. Sure enough, there is. You have to use a bit of a roundabout method: on the PC, you email the GPX file to, and it then sends an email back to you. The idea is that you open this email using the Mail app on the iPhone: the email contains a link which, when you click on it, takes you into the MotionX-GPS app and into a dialogue that allows you to import the waypoints from the GPX file. According to the help in the app, you can import a maximum of 12 waypoints at a time, but actually I just sent one with 15 waypoints and it imported them successfully.

So then I sorted my waypoint list by proximity, and selected the closest one - this shows the location of the keepright error on a map and a description of the error, so I then drove to the location (with the help of my TomTom - sorry!) and checked out the missing details (mostly they were places of worship and schools without names): I edited the waypoint in MotionX-GPS to add the missing details and then checked out the next nearest waypoint.

Once all 12 were done, I returned to base and made the alterations in Potlatch2. This bit was entirely manual: I don't know of a way to get the information from MotionX-GPS into Potlatch or OSM automatically - would be great if you could. Each time I resolve an error in Potlatch I also edit the error in Keepright (I use the 'ignore temporarily' option to show that I think I've fixed it).

So, 24 POIs fixed today, and another 15 sitting on the iPhone waiting for another mapping foray.


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