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Mileage markers 10 days ago

Hi ECITampa,

Not my area of expertise, but have you looked at this wiki-page?:

Hope that helps - also the diary is less effective for asking questions than say the mailing lists or

Happy Mapping!


My first HOTOSM edits 23 days ago

Thank You!

Feel free to reach me: if you need help, have questions.

Nepal efforts 24 days ago

And we appreciate the effort, I hope you were able to find one (or more), but each could potentially improve the response, perhaps save lives. If you are not sure your time was well spent, or for some help, please join the HOT mailing list:

Thank you,

Testing Diary Entries about 2 months ago

Hello Stephen,

Mostly the diary is just that - a place to log/track your OSM related contributions. Some people (like me) follow the RSS feed, so it can also be used as a bit of a conversation tool, but the mailing lists, forum and help sites are usually a better way to ask questions.

But welcome to OSM and if you are looking for a bit of a starter guide, I would suggest

Happy Mapping,


mapping 4 months ago

Great! Welcome to OpenStreetMap, for a good place to start check out

Happy Mapping!

test2 4 months ago

It works! Hello, and welcome to OpenStreetMap for some instruction to get you started visit:

HOT 2014 Review 5 months ago

Thanks Will, good to meet you as well! And just to note, I also made a small financial contribution to HOT as well! You still have a bit of time (if you're in the US) to make a (2014) tax deductible donation to HOT:

how to add a POI? 7 months ago

Hi, I looked and you do have the one 'changeset' (editing session) where you added this one node - - it looks like you added the museum. Although the changes are immediate (or near) to the database, it takes a little while for the map to be rendered with the new data. Feel free to reach out to me and take a look at for more instruction.

Happy Mapping, =Russ

Adding data to Cypress Cay and Gateway Elementary 9 months ago

Sandered17: I just added the multipolygon relation, didn't adjust/move the tags since it was a 'simple' multipolygon; please feel free to change.

Adding data to Cypress Cay and Gateway Elementary 9 months ago

Hello and welcome to OSM,

For the most part your edits look pretty good. I adjusted a few things such as the track/bus lane, and merged multi-segment footways into one. Take a look and feel free to ask questions. One thing I noticed is your most recent edits you stopped using the changeset comment, please leave a comment so it's easier for other mappers to figure out what you were intending. Thanks for contributing!

Happy Mapping, Russ

Newbie 11 months ago

Welcome to OSM!

home neighborhood about 1 year ago

Yes, welcome - there is a good self-training program here: - also, I'm not familiar with California, but there may be a local community/group you can join, for some face-to-face Q&A. =Russ

This is the first day of my OPENSTREETMAP! about 1 year ago

There is also a China mailing list, where I assume most speak/write in Chinese; visit: to sign up

GEOG 606 Cartography Exercise 5: Diary Entry 1 about 1 year ago

Thanks for this, and welcome to OSM; just curious - if you are looking for other individual's stories, you can actually RSS the diary, i.e. how I saw this. I have a rather fun history with OSM, told most of it in a webinar just a few hours ago. Some of it is in my diary: - been meaning to post much more, will try to get back at it

The first 30-day challenge: retrospective about 1 year ago

Thanks and Congratulations! Double thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to make a better contest all around, and...

Happy Mapping, =Russ

Today I am confused by OSM about 1 year ago

Yep, just know that 'we' are listening...

Welcome and Happy Mapping! =Russ

Sugar Maple Mapping over 1 year ago

Hello, welcome to OSM!

OSM cannot help you directly, but you are more than welcome to use OSM as component(s) in your map. Some of the information you are looking at collecting might not be 'good' data for OSM, but some of it may. For example, we definitely encourage folks to map wooded areas using natural=wood and other descriptive tags; and if you have more detail about individual trees you can also add those using natural=tree, species=, etc. But we don't want to include private information, like the name and photo of the producer. However you could link your data (contained in an external database as an example) to OSM or vice versa. I would suggest you look at this website for some more information and examples:

Happy Mapping, =Russ

Please check! over 1 year ago

Hello, welcome to OSM! Thank you for contributing to the project, especially in these areas impacted by Yolanda/Haiyan. You may be interested in following/participating in the collaborative efforts of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team here:

In general, if you think you're improving the map, please do - in this case adding the missing roads as unclassified is better than them not being there. However, if you are using the default Bing imagery, it is outdated and lots of the smaller roads are impassible; see the documentation linked above for areas/ways to get post-disaster imagery as well as related tasks for various areas via the HOT tasking manager -

Just a couple of things I noticed in your edits; first, please use the changeset comment (i.e. when you save) - this lets other mappers know what you intended to do so we can better give advise - it can be something simple like "added missing road(s)..." Second, you may be using unclassified incorrectly - if you mean "I'm not sure what kind of road this is", use highway=road; unclassified is actually a meaningful classification. As an example one road you added looked like a driveway, in that case highway=service, service=driveway may be a better classification. See for details.

Happy Mapping, =Russ

Where to report abuse? over 1 year ago

I think your best alternative to directly requesting the user stop is to add them here:

Added Barriers to tracks almost 2 years ago

Hello again Richard,

Looks like a good start, and as usually an improvement to the map/data is an improvement.

In general, it would be better to actually intersect the tracks with the barrier; i.e. create a node where the two lines cross. This will help routing engines determine that they do indeed intersect, versus a bridge that goes over the feature.

As for the barrow ditches, your method is fine unless you were to map the entire ditch, then you might want to use waterway=ditch; see this wiki page: - as it describes how barrier is implied.

As for the dry wash, it would be best to map the entirety of the 'stream'; see for more details to map it as an 'intermittent' stream, which I am guessing that water does flow down it when there is rain (maybe it even has a name?).

If you do switch from the barrier tags, then you'll want to mark a section of the track(s) as ford(s), see for details.

Hope that helps,