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Platte River now has banks about 1 month ago

Thanks David! As always, impressive work - looks like you actually did not map every day in 2015, hope that was for vacation :)

Also, look for a geobeers/mappy hour at Caution West as soon as the weather gets a bit more predictable.


Getting started about 1 month ago

Oh, I assume you're talking about the main OSM website router(s) - since the project began and the governing organization OSMF is based in the UK, most default stuff is metric. Not sure if you can change that/have options on the main website, but I use Maps.Me (which is built on OSM) for routing/navigation. There's tons of other sites as well, think MapQuest Open is still around - based in US so default is imperial.

Hope that helps, and FYI - unfortunately there isn't a 'notification' system with these diary comments, so only returned 'on a whim' that you responded - feel free to email me directly - contact info on my OSM profile:

Getting started about 1 month ago

Great, welcome to OpenStreetMap! Looks like there's lots of work to be done in that area (i.e. you could also trace the building and other businesses - unless that whole building is yours, then you could instead add the tags to it). Here's a place to learn more

Happy Mapping!


i will try mapping about 2 months ago

Hi, noticed you haven't made any edits yet; if you're looking for some instruction, you can visit

Happy Mapping!


100 Tile Milestone about 2 months ago

Hi Canyons,

Thanks so much for contributing to the Fiji projects! You're doing pretty good - building footprints are looking great - it will get much easier with time to identify road classifications (I just adjusted and left a comment on one of your tiles from #1623). One thing I do want to say, is we ask in the instructions for you to change your comment from the default; i.e. all your changeset comments here are only the 'auto-populated' text - please add what you did (example: "...#cyclone_winston buildings and roads mapping" should become something like "...#cyclone_winston buildings and roads mapping - I added several residential roads and a dozen or so buildings")

Happy Mapping.

best day of mapping 3 months ago

Oh, would love to hear more - were you in the field with HOT team in Uganda? Don't see edits, so thinking that is what you're referring to; looking forward to more of the story and/or pictures.

Happy Mapping!


10 years 4 months ago

Great story Maning, it's been a pleasure to work with and learn from you!

2015 Mariana dam collapse (help Brazil) 6 months ago

Also, there was just recently a Project set-up with post-event imagery here:

Haiti mapping 6 months ago

That's fantastic, if you did not know about it; there is a mailing list to discuss OSM in Haiti:

My Opinion 6 months ago

That's great! Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

Mapping for Improving Public Health Delivery 6 months ago

Thank You!

Future Home 6 months ago

Hi Jeff,

That's great; not sure about that town specifically, but there's a great OSM community in Mexico. You should consider joining their mailing list:

Also noticed you haven't made any edits to OSM yet, so if you're looking for some guidance to get started, visit

Happy Mapping!


Field map data entry - teaching beginners 7 months ago

Hi again Tom,

As related to my comment in your other post - would love to have your assistance maybe building a LearnOSM module for Field Papers and/or help thinking about TM developments to better facilitate Field Papers. Probably best to bring it up at the HOT Training and/or Tech working group meeting(s):


Hello [OSM]world! 7 months ago

Hi Tom,

I hope you're already on the HOT mailing list. During the recent Activation Curriculum Workshops it was brought up to build some more connectivity with Field Papers and the Tasking Manager, let's chat about it sometime.


Hello, from me here 8 months ago

Careful, OSM can be addictive; to help facilitate this, I mean get a better understanding of the project - check out

Happy Mapping!


open street map 9 months ago

Hi and welcome to OSM, a great place to learn about the project is

Happy Mapping,


Outreachy - Week Four 10 months ago

Thanks Arushi!

OAM-QGIS-plugin: Features and GUI design 11 months ago

That's great Tassia! Thanks for the update!


Continuing OSM-PH's DRR Mapping with local communities 11 months ago

Excellent! Thank you for the information Maning, keep up the good work!


Camping Trip in Yosemite 11 months ago

Hi lewis1286,

Have fun! But I also see someone deleted the point you entered, I hope maybe they contacted you directly to say why. I didn't dig too deep into what happened there, but from your changeset comment it seemed maybe you were trying to add a 'viewpoint'? These are usually designated things, not just any place with a good view. See

I hope that helps, it looks like the area you put that point could use a lot more map data to represent the natural beauty, if you want to add that kind of data to the map, visit

Happy Mapping,