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Field map data entry - teaching beginners 16 days ago

Hi again Tom,

As related to my comment in your other post - would love to have your assistance maybe building a LearnOSM module for Field Papers and/or help thinking about TM developments to better facilitate Field Papers. Probably best to bring it up at the HOT Training and/or Tech working group meeting(s):


Hello [OSM]world! 16 days ago

Hi Tom,

I hope you're already on the HOT mailing list. During the recent Activation Curriculum Workshops it was brought up to build some more connectivity with Field Papers and the Tasking Manager, let's chat about it sometime.


Hello, from me here about 2 months ago

Careful, OSM can be addictive; to help facilitate this, I mean get a better understanding of the project - check out

Happy Mapping!


open street map 2 months ago

Hi and welcome to OSM, a great place to learn about the project is

Happy Mapping,


Outreachy - Week Four 4 months ago

Thanks Arushi!

OAM-QGIS-plugin: Features and GUI design 4 months ago

That's great Tassia! Thanks for the update!


Continuing OSM-PH's DRR Mapping with local communities 4 months ago

Excellent! Thank you for the information Maning, keep up the good work!


Camping Trip in Yosemite 4 months ago

Hi lewis1286,

Have fun! But I also see someone deleted the point you entered, I hope maybe they contacted you directly to say why. I didn't dig too deep into what happened there, but from your changeset comment it seemed maybe you were trying to add a 'viewpoint'? These are usually designated things, not just any place with a good view. See

I hope that helps, it looks like the area you put that point could use a lot more map data to represent the natural beauty, if you want to add that kind of data to the map, visit

Happy Mapping,


Missing Maps London: June mapping party 4 months ago

Haha, why RSS feed of course - however, it doesn't make seeing the comments quick and easy :)

Missing Maps London: June mapping party 4 months ago

That's great Pete! Thanks for the info, make sure to bring those ideas (and/or people) to the various HOT working groups.


Mileage markers 5 months ago

Hi ECITampa,

Not my area of expertise, but have you looked at this wiki-page?:

Hope that helps - also the diary is less effective for asking questions than say the mailing lists or

Happy Mapping!


My first HOTOSM edits 5 months ago

Thank You!

Feel free to reach me: if you need help, have questions.

Nepal efforts 5 months ago

And we appreciate the effort, I hope you were able to find one (or more), but each could potentially improve the response, perhaps save lives. If you are not sure your time was well spent, or for some help, please join the HOT mailing list:

Thank you,

Testing Diary Entries 6 months ago

Hello Stephen,

Mostly the diary is just that - a place to log/track your OSM related contributions. Some people (like me) follow the RSS feed, so it can also be used as a bit of a conversation tool, but the mailing lists, forum and help sites are usually a better way to ask questions.

But welcome to OSM and if you are looking for a bit of a starter guide, I would suggest

Happy Mapping,


mapping 9 months ago

Great! Welcome to OpenStreetMap, for a good place to start check out

Happy Mapping!

test2 9 months ago

It works! Hello, and welcome to OpenStreetMap for some instruction to get you started visit:

HOT 2014 Review 9 months ago

Thanks Will, good to meet you as well! And just to note, I also made a small financial contribution to HOT as well! You still have a bit of time (if you're in the US) to make a (2014) tax deductible donation to HOT:

how to add a POI? 12 months ago

Hi, I looked and you do have the one 'changeset' (editing session) where you added this one node - - it looks like you added the museum. Although the changes are immediate (or near) to the database, it takes a little while for the map to be rendered with the new data. Feel free to reach out to me and take a look at for more instruction.

Happy Mapping, =Russ

Adding data to Cypress Cay and Gateway Elementary about 1 year ago

Sandered17: I just added the multipolygon relation, didn't adjust/move the tags since it was a 'simple' multipolygon; please feel free to change.

Adding data to Cypress Cay and Gateway Elementary about 1 year ago

Hello and welcome to OSM,

For the most part your edits look pretty good. I adjusted a few things such as the track/bus lane, and merged multi-segment footways into one. Take a look and feel free to ask questions. One thing I noticed is your most recent edits you stopped using the changeset comment, please leave a comment so it's easier for other mappers to figure out what you were intending. Thanks for contributing!

Happy Mapping, Russ