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Hi about 2 months ago

Welcome to OSM, I sent you a direct message with some links and info.

Happy Mapping!


Mapping Errors in Guatemala and Honduras 3 months ago

Hi Sunfishtommy,

I'm the project manager for the HOT Malaria Elimination mapping. We are working on the validation and clean-up of the mapping. We have a lot of student mappers so hopefully their work will improve as we progress. Thanks for the patience and feel free to jump in to help!


Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

PROJECT 2396. 3 months ago

Thank you mutenyo joan!

@PBJomel - Project 2396 is part of a collection of mapping projects to provide building footprints, as well as basemap, for the Clinton Health Access Initiative's campaign to eliminate malaria. They will use the data to plan and conduct various malaria interventions.

Stay tuned to the HOT communication channels for more information and new projects.

#Nina2016 Post-disaster Mapping 4 months ago

Hi, the HOT Activation group has been monitoring the typhoon. However, we not yet received any requests from response or aid organizations, so it's unlikely we will activate. Although we could help the local mappers by creating projects. Stay tuned and/or feel free to message the HOT mailing list

Arme OSMF 10 months ago

@SimonPoole - I don't want to take up this thread to debate the 'coordination' of the OSM Community. I think anyone who follows closely knows that these projects directly impact the number and ability of local mappers. HOT is no longer in Mongolia, but since that project the local community has flourished (for a relatively tiny semi-nomadic population per area). That's the only one I have enough hands-on knowledge to discuss, but all our welcome to join/ask/decide for themselves

Arme OSMF 10 months ago

Forgive this being in English; just wanted to point that as a 501c3 Non-profit, HOT is required to publish our tax info: - you can see most monies go directly to OSM community building projects: followed by Technical development work:

Frisbeegolf rata 10 months ago

Here is a wiki-page for the sport, don't think any tags have been officially proposed yet:

Notes from OSM-Colorado Saturday Mapternoon May 28, 2016 11 months ago

@BushmanK - None of us are personally 'worried' about the rendering issue, but more that people would continue to 'revert' because of it and we just might not have the time/man-power to keep up on it. I've switched a couple and will see what happens, but I'll keep in mind the nature_reserve idea - but we have stuff like that as well - here's an example of something that our State (vs. Federal/National) I think would fall under that: Colorado SWAs - but I think would also/better be protect_class=4 - in any case it is my personal opinion that all these 'protection/conservation/land stewardship' places all nicely fit in the boundary=protected_area schema, and I tend to point US folks to the country specific table here.

Notes from OSM-Colorado Saturday Mapternoon May 28, 2016 11 months ago

@Glassman - Yes, this is super exciting, as it's more a collaboration than just an import. They plan on updating various data sets on roughly 2 year cycles; so once we've got the workflow/conflation/etc. down, then we'll be looking at potentially some change detection so maybe OSM-ers can help 'identify' where new stuff is being built and in turn help DRCOG prioritize; as well as generally getting them directly involved with the community (maybe there's something OSM-Colorado can help them capture that would otherwise be cost prohibitive). We had Ashley Summers at the meetup, after a couple months of emails and a phone chat, it was just great to talk for a few hours.

Platte River now has banks about 1 year ago

Thanks David! As always, impressive work - looks like you actually did not map every day in 2015, hope that was for vacation :)

Also, look for a geobeers/mappy hour at Caution West as soon as the weather gets a bit more predictable.


Getting started about 1 year ago

Oh, I assume you're talking about the main OSM website router(s) - since the project began and the governing organization OSMF is based in the UK, most default stuff is metric. Not sure if you can change that/have options on the main website, but I use Maps.Me (which is built on OSM) for routing/navigation. There's tons of other sites as well, think MapQuest Open is still around - based in US so default is imperial.

Hope that helps, and FYI - unfortunately there isn't a 'notification' system with these diary comments, so only returned 'on a whim' that you responded - feel free to email me directly - contact info on my OSM profile:

Getting started about 1 year ago

Great, welcome to OpenStreetMap! Looks like there's lots of work to be done in that area (i.e. you could also trace the building and other businesses - unless that whole building is yours, then you could instead add the tags to it). Here's a place to learn more

Happy Mapping!


i will try mapping about 1 year ago

Hi, noticed you haven't made any edits yet; if you're looking for some instruction, you can visit

Happy Mapping!


100 Tile Milestone about 1 year ago

Hi Canyons,

Thanks so much for contributing to the Fiji projects! You're doing pretty good - building footprints are looking great - it will get much easier with time to identify road classifications (I just adjusted and left a comment on one of your tiles from #1623). One thing I do want to say, is we ask in the instructions for you to change your comment from the default; i.e. all your changeset comments here are only the 'auto-populated' text - please add what you did (example: "...#cyclone_winston buildings and roads mapping" should become something like "...#cyclone_winston buildings and roads mapping - I added several residential roads and a dozen or so buildings")

Happy Mapping.

best day of mapping about 1 year ago

Oh, would love to hear more - were you in the field with HOT team in Uganda? Don't see edits, so thinking that is what you're referring to; looking forward to more of the story and/or pictures.

Happy Mapping!


10 years over 1 year ago

Great story Maning, it's been a pleasure to work with and learn from you!

2015 Mariana dam collapse (help Brazil) over 1 year ago

Also, there was just recently a Project set-up with post-event imagery here:

Haiti mapping over 1 year ago

That's fantastic, if you did not know about it; there is a mailing list to discuss OSM in Haiti:

My Opinion over 1 year ago

That's great! Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

Mapping for Improving Public Health Delivery over 1 year ago

Thank You!