Mapper since: June 03, 2015

I am as precious as my name implies – RUBY... I love my life and everything in it. I may be out-going and impulsive like the novel character Madame Bovary but I always put God above all my priorities. I have compassion over people whom the world has turned its back on.

I like sweet stuffs like ice cream, chocolates, and cookies, coke float with extra large French fries. I guess that’s also what made me fall in love with my boyfriend -

I've been managing my website also free trial of garcinia cambogia formula it's about weight loss. Only few people knew that I can code some simple computer program. :)

There are a lot of things that make me happy… simply the presence of my loved ones is one. I love going to places I never had been… I'm dying to go to Paris, London, and Spain and simply take pictures there and put it in my facebook for everyone to see. Aw.