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Mapped Prem Nagar, Berhampur 10 months ago

Yes, I think the jacket-wearers have chosen to abandon stealth and decided that the best place to hide is in plain sight.

Mapped Prem Nagar, Berhampur 10 months ago

Mapping parts of the world no-one else wants to map, Part 1: Hanger Lane, London 10 months ago

Sounds like exactly the sort of place we should be having mapping parties then.

My wish 11 months ago

I don't know how much attention is payed to this page, but it exists and it couldn't hurt to add your request to it.

Sao Paulo city hall is using OSM! 12 months ago

Pity all the markers seem to be floating in mid air.

Using OSRM to improve road mapping quality 12 months ago

I'm also working on improving mapping quality using OSRM, see

Unfortunately due to infrastructure constraints the prototype is only running on the british isles at the moment, but I'm working on expanding that.

Mapping a Community Center 12 months ago

You absolutely can tag things with dual functions, just not if they both collide using the same key (amenity=...).

One of the alternatives would be to create two objects right next to each other but that's also a bit nasty because we like to follow a principle we call,_one_OSM_element

Mapping a Community Center 12 months ago

@curiousscholar this is a bit of a "known issue" with our tagging scheme (particularly "amenity"s) - ideally you'd be able to tag something as both a place of worship and a community centre, but of course since both features use the amenity= key, that doesn't work. There has been talk of using ; separated multiple values, e.g. amenity=place_of_worship;community_centre, but little if any software (such as renderers) interprets/supports that.

The spelling of amenity=community_centre is of course also another display of the curious britishisms that infest osm.

Probably more information than you wanted there.

punjabi songs lyrics about 1 year ago

Do you have the one about spam?

Interest in Editing about 1 year ago

@Adam Martin: Have you tried visiting ?

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Вторая пензенская картовечеринка about 1 year ago


Вторая пензенская картовечеринка about 1 year ago

Yay my stickers have spread :)

hiking... using id about 1 year ago

Don't forget to upload your traces to the "GPS Traces" section too as a record.

Adding a turn restriction in vespucci about 1 year ago

Hooray for turn restrictions!

Mapping Croydon about 1 year ago

Can't say it's not accurate though ;)

google google google about 1 year ago

I think you're all overestimating Google's competence, especially in "tracking all of us".

@K01umbus I think your Japanese internment argument is absurd.

google google google about 1 year ago

All this paranoia over recaptcha is unwarranted in my opinion. Get a grip.

Hallo about 1 year ago

Welcome - I hope you'll enjoy helping shape what we map and how.

OS Locator update 201305 about 1 year ago

Not that I'm aware of. I think some people have tried pointing the OS in the right direction or sending lists back, but I don't think we've heard much back.

Of course, that's not really the primary purpose of not:name from my point of view. It's a good way of notating things for us.