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samurai siege hack about 1 year ago


Then and now about 1 year ago

Ok that is very impressive.

Then and now about 1 year ago

Nice hat martijn.

Why SOTM EU was awesome about 1 year ago

Definitely a great conference.

OS Locator update 201405 over 1 year ago

That's a good idea - I might add that tile option when I get round to it.

Spring Hike in Nackareservat - Sunday 20-04-14 over 1 year ago

That is

Spring Hike in Nackareservat - Sunday 20-04-14 over 1 year ago

You can of course do that sort of thing using openstreetmap as a base map, but that's not what OSM is really designed for.

Edits you make to the map are global, visible to & affecting everybody, and as such we tend to only map actual real physical things, and not just things that are only relevant to us personally.

You might get better luck using tools such as's track creator, which uses openstreetmap.

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OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike over 1 year ago

(and just when I was starting to get license debate withdrawal)

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike over 1 year ago

It's not a good approach to start your post with the title invoking the whole "non-share-alike is more open" thing, which is easily disprovable. Share-alike rules are there to ensure things remain free.

Ashley Camille Modeling, Acting & Career Training Center over 1 year ago


iD Newbie friendly feature request over 1 year ago

Yeah, I've had ideas similar to this ( ) which have been generally well received, but of course nothing's happened because, as with everything, it needs someone to implement it (and I'm busy implementing other crazy things).

Another (slightly more far fetched) possibility would be integrating with something like to enable us to offer actual hands-on assistance to users.

Wishlist: GPX tracks analyzer over 1 year ago

I'm working on something along those lines:

Though it's not really designed for "batch mode" as the results do have to be analyzed slightly to see what's wrong.

I'm hoping to expand its coverage to more countries soon.

Dissertation Editors over 1 year ago


Paddington mapping. Holborn pub tonight almost 2 years ago

Hey! Why did you lot get to be "Alpha squadron"?

rolex replica swiss vres and audioLearning and Adul almost 2 years ago

Thanks spammer

pre-SOTM drinks + Victoria + Cheshire cheese almost 2 years ago

The third (Alex's) photo there is an excellent photo. It's a bit like an osm last supper.

Learning about paths almost 2 years ago

Generally (and this will probably start an argument) paths are used out in rural areas where designations aren't so strict (or present at all).

In towns and cities where things often seem to be designated one way or another, people tend to break down into footway, cycleway etc.

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GeoGit and GitHub Geo almost 2 years ago

I've previously put a lot of thought into what's preventing OSM from using a Git/DVCS/DAG-y type model and what makes OSM & large scale geodata fundamentally different from a large software project. The conclusion I came to wasn't that it was the size of the data that was the important factor, it was the number of contributors. Sure, we know that Git-managed projects can practically scale to hundreds, perhaps thousands of contributors. But tens of thousands? 100,000? Without the process becoming chaotic and necessity of (sometimes complex) "merges" scaring off users?

Because in OSM you essentially have tens of thousands of users editing the same "repository". And with that you'll have an awful lot of merges to do, whether they're semi-automatic or not.

(these really are rhetorical questions - I would love to find out the answers)