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New road style for the Default map style - the full version 27 days ago

Great post.

Then...and now! about 1 month ago

In the US, what would probably be most interesting is a comparison render of just after the TIGER import and today.

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

One question: does the plugin work for countries that drive on the left?

Mapping turn lanes in OpensStreetMap about 1 month ago

Mouth hanging open in amazement.

Losing faith in OpenStreetMap 2 months ago

Yup, keeping data nice is a constant battle. Just gotta keep fighting.


Namespacing can be quite powerful.

Karnataka 01/2007 to 12/2014: OSM Map Evolution 4 months ago

This is great mapping work.

February release delayed 6 months ago

Yeah, well, we're considering moving away from StartSSL for our next certificate.

Japan, why are you so beautiful? 8 months ago


Honda HRV 2015 8 months ago


OS Locator update 201411 9 months ago


OS Locator update 201411 9 months ago

Apparently he just has code to turn it into .osm files. Here:

Conversion to gpx wouldn't be a difficult hack. Good beginner project.

OS Locator update 201411 9 months ago

Ahoy there James,

I do produce a gzipped csv of the results ( which I know Derick Rethans ( for one uses to produce something like a GPX for his Garmin. Knowing him he has some php script for doing it.

First thoughts 11 months ago

No harm in starting small.

Don't worry too much about the "specifications" on the wiki - a lot of the time that stuff is wishful thinking by a bunch of anally retentive wikifiddlers.

OpenStreetMap Carto v2.22.0 11 months ago

(When) is it live rendering on

Redundancy in Buildings 12 months ago

Ah germans.

1000th Changeset 12 months ago

(p.s. congratulations!)

1000th Changeset 12 months ago

The second thousand comes quickly.

SotM 2014 Argentina logo 12 months ago

You never had an eTrex, did you?

5 dreams/ proposals for OSM headquarters (please comment) 12 months ago

Remember, Tomasz, that a lot of things (most things that aren't to do with actually editing maps) on are essentially a "demo". If "employers need changes", they are free to implement themselves and make them part of their services. OSM itself doesn't have (and almost certainly never will have) the capacity to be a true google-maps-alike.

If an "employer" finds e.g. the default mapnik style to be inhibiting them, it's probably a sign that they've been piggybacking on the (nonprofit) OSM infrastructure for providing their services for too long.

Oh TIGER... about 1 year ago

Interesting thing is that it is actually topologically correct.