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February release delayed 2 months ago

Yeah, well, we're considering moving away from StartSSL for our next certificate.

Japan, why are you so beautiful? 3 months ago


Honda HRV 2015 4 months ago


OS Locator update 201411 5 months ago


OS Locator update 201411 5 months ago

Apparently he just has code to turn it into .osm files. Here:

Conversion to gpx wouldn't be a difficult hack. Good beginner project.

OS Locator update 201411 5 months ago

Ahoy there James,

I do produce a gzipped csv of the results ( which I know Derick Rethans ( for one uses to produce something like a GPX for his Garmin. Knowing him he has some php script for doing it.

First thoughts 7 months ago

No harm in starting small.

Don't worry too much about the "specifications" on the wiki - a lot of the time that stuff is wishful thinking by a bunch of anally retentive wikifiddlers.

OpenStreetMap Carto v2.22.0 7 months ago

(When) is it live rendering on

Redundancy in Buildings 8 months ago

Ah germans.

1000th Changeset 8 months ago

(p.s. congratulations!)

1000th Changeset 8 months ago

The second thousand comes quickly.

SotM 2014 Argentina logo 8 months ago

You never had an eTrex, did you?

5 dreams/ proposals for OSM headquarters (please comment) 8 months ago

Remember, Tomasz, that a lot of things (most things that aren't to do with actually editing maps) on are essentially a "demo". If "employers need changes", they are free to implement themselves and make them part of their services. OSM itself doesn't have (and almost certainly never will have) the capacity to be a true google-maps-alike.

If an "employer" finds e.g. the default mapnik style to be inhibiting them, it's probably a sign that they've been piggybacking on the (nonprofit) OSM infrastructure for providing their services for too long.

Oh TIGER... 9 months ago

Interesting thing is that it is actually topologically correct.

samurai siege hack 9 months ago


Then and now 9 months ago

Ok that is very impressive.

Then and now 9 months ago

Nice hat martijn.

Why SOTM EU was awesome 11 months ago

Definitely a great conference.

OS Locator update 201405 12 months ago

That's a good idea - I might add that tile option when I get round to it.

Spring Hike in Nackareservat - Sunday 20-04-14 about 1 year ago

That is