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Yellow pointed footpath sign heading West to "Dunkery Gate" here.
Interestingly this 'footpath' is not listed in Somerset County Council's own ROW data - 10th April 2013, as hosted on

12 months ago about 16 hours ago
open 277670 robbieonsea

This HSBC branch is due to close on 13 Feb 2015.

3 months ago 1 day ago
open 249852

This is a private path.

5 months ago 11 days ago
open 249853

This is No Dogs.

5 months ago 11 days ago
closed 309188 robbieonsea

Isn't this place now known as simply Cranmore?

Perhaps old_name=West Cranmore?

about 1 month ago 12 days ago
closed 290690 robbieonsea

Bathing Lane, Tower Street & Tower Alley are very narrow.
IIRC max width is 6", but need to double check.
Also implies Bath Square, Broad Street have the same limit due to the one-way system.

2 months ago 16 days ago
closed 316290

This hill is called Hollerday Hill, not Holiday Hill

17 days ago 17 days ago
closed 315570 Math1985

Is the Next in part of the Next fashion chain?

19 days ago 18 days ago
closed 312918


24 days ago 22 days ago
open 313433 robbieonsea

Is this footpath closed / actually still there due to coastal erosion?
There's a closed sign at eastern end, but that might apply just to the little bit at the corner.
Access no has been added to a short bit on the western end.
NB Hampshire CC website does not mention this path as closed.

Anyway you can just walk along the beach instead, even at high tide.

23 days ago 23 days ago

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