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closed 966506 richlv

if this hostel exists, what is its name ?

about 1 month ago 9 days ago
open 991542 richlv

this fuel station most likely does not exist, but a survey would be helpful

14 days ago 14 days ago
closed 930088 richlv

the addresses are tagged here with addr:street=Āres. as that is not a street, probably should be changed to addr:place or similar (see )

2 months ago 14 days ago
closed 869158

Annas Darzs

4 months ago 15 days ago
closed 942809 Roxxor91

The street has no signs. all the buildings have numbers of the neighboring streets klostera and maza pils iela (way #33418547 )

about 2 months ago 15 days ago
closed 788863 Сергей Дудоладов

iemaksa. izmaksā (OSM data version: 2016-11-05T13:55:03Z) #mapsme

6 months ago 18 days ago
open 986725 richlv

going by memory, this section has been freshly paved and is a better choice than the one goung to the west - but would be great to confirm by locals

18 days ago 18 days ago
open 986308 richlv

the name & church tags are duplicated here. should go only on one object. perhaps the church grounds should be tagged differently

19 days ago 19 days ago
closed 923365 Santosh495

E2 Building

2 months ago 20 days ago
open 985395 richlv

is this really a surface parking ? looks like a building on the sat imagery

20 days ago 20 days ago

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