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COFFEEDEX & the single-tag revolution 4 months ago

hopefully this is an attempt at specialised editors and starting a discussion, not a serious intent :)

otherwise i'd like to map beer prices. and bread prices in supermarkets. and availability or alcoholic drinks. and room prices in hotels. oh, and their availability, too...

"For Google's (not) a Jolly Good Fellow!" about 2 years ago

just to clarify... everybody appreciates contributions, but we are very cautious about copyright. google does not play friendly with us - well, too bad, we have to do without them.

Experience over 3 years ago

wanted to comment on "they did search at my flat as well" part - don't these things require a court order anymore ?

and it would be nice to try to bring this to some larger media outlet - bbc did run some stories on osm - maybe Maggie Shiels wants to pick this up ( or whoever was involved with (phrase it like "help haiti earthquake relief, get arrested in england" or something ;) ) - surely writing this experience in a nice way might attract other media as well.

Scanex to grant OSM access to IRS satellite imagery over 5 years ago

btw, using first wms url in josm, imagery seems to be ~ 50m off to the south for the region i'm interested in. would anybody be interested in a report about that ?

Scanex to grant OSM access to IRS satellite imagery over 5 years ago

excellent, this even covers some small areas in latvia
maybe the company plans to expand in europe ? :)