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History tab: current vs new - local survey edits comparison about 5 years ago

Hi ppawel,

Just wondering how this is going - is it any closer to going live?

Just started mapping actively in Brisbane - I have a few questions! about 5 years ago

Welcome aboard!

Does one need to add the street manually in each address data

Ideally, yes. However you can use interpolation - see:

building outlines look pretty different when using the closest and second closest Bing backgrounds

The closer image should be more accurate.

History tab: current vs new - local survey edits comparison over 5 years ago

Looks great, keep up the good work!

Coastline Update Frequency over 5 years ago

This needs a solution. For the low zoom layers, not so bad, but when zoomed in, these updates need to happen more frequently.

Could the following process work?:

  • snapshot the coastline dataset at a point in time
  • the community can then correct errors in the snapshot. When an error is corrected, it should also be corrected in the main dataset (to avoid having to merge changes later), perhaps using an interface with a side-by-side window: on one side is the snapshot data, on the other is the main dataset
  • once all the errors are corrected in the snapshot, then that is commited to be rendered at the next available oppourtunity (this part could be automated?)
  • rinse and repeat

The onus is then on the community to correct the errors - the faster the errors get corrected, the sooner the coastline render gets an update.

1 Million Mappers Soon ... No, Not Really over 5 years ago

Don't automatically delete anything, just disable it. Any frontend system that deals with accounts can be set to ignore disabled accounts. When/if the user ever comes back then account gets 're-enabled', perhaps with a quick email verification step, and then returns to normal view.

Of course, if someone really wants to delete their own account, then they should have that option too.

Another shot at GPS navigation with OsmAnd+ over 5 years ago

I use Navfree on my phone (which also uses OSM data) and it routes and re-routes just fine without requiring any Internet connectivity. The OSM data is pre-compiled into Navfree's own (proprietary) format and I imagine would be optimized for routing. Perhaps OsmAnd's data needs more optimisation?