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closed 192653

divided roads at all directions at intersection and sb Douglas Rd from eb only, based on mapdust 3031973 and bing

over 1 year ago 25 days ago
closed 330514

This recently-resolved marker for a Shell station is *still* incorrectly placed.

Correct location is one block west, and is already indicated as a Shell gas station.

I'm unsure of correct procedure here, but all references to a petrol station at E. 49th at McKinnon should be removed and the correct location (south-east corner of E 49th and Kerr) could be marked (or left as is since it says "Shell").

Thanks for your efforts!

7 months ago 25 days ago
closed 285947

Killarney Community Centre.

Ice rink in southern section / building.

Modern swimming pool in north-west section.

Weight room, gymnasium in north-east section. Also a pool table inside entrance closest to track oval & soccer pitch.

Baseball diamonds north of the complex.

10 months ago 25 days ago
open 433543


26 days ago 25 days ago
closed 305288

Missing trail. Side trail heads north from indicated point and reconnects with main trail after approx 1 km (approx 1/2 way to BP trail connector)

9 months ago 26 days ago
closed 279312 keithonearth

Why are so many trails in Lighthouse Park classified as "highway=track" according to the wiki this is to be used on 4x4 routes or similar. see:

I think they should all be changed to be trails, except Beacon Lane Trail, that is irreversible by truck, and used by the park pickups.

10 months ago 26 days ago
closed 412054 Eric Mignot

There are stairs here to go down to the beach

about 2 months ago 27 days ago
closed 233777 goldfndr


about 1 year ago 27 days ago
closed 345335 keithonearth

The houses along this section of Bird rd have addresses formatted as two five digit numbers with a slash between them. This seems like an incorrect way of formatting addresses. I will update to using two nodes on each building for addresses, unless there are objections.

6 months ago 27 days ago
open 431674 ruthmaben

Does this road exist? Unable to gauge from the satellite imagery. Please confirm, thank you!

29 days ago 28 days ago

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