Abandoned railway or gone forever?

Posted by pkoby on 11 February 2014 in English (English)

At this location there is a line (that extends into Bellefonte) that marks an abandoned railway. This is only accurate in the sense that there was once a railway here, but there isn't any trace of it other than the grade. Some of the grade has been appropriated into a cycle path. Some is now a road. But as far as I am aware, there is no point along this path where there is evidence of a railway.

As this feature cuts through various other (current) features, I think it should probably be removed and relegated to history. It's essentially clutter at this point. If there were still tracks on the ground, then the tag would be appropriate, but it's really just a path now (and not even half of it is that).


Location: State College, Centre County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Comment from lyx on 11 February 2014 at 21:46

There has been a lot of discussion on this topic already. Please have a look at and follow the links from there.

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Comment from zarl on 11 February 2014 at 22:00

You already answered most of the questions yourself :-)

See railway=abandoned vs. demolished railway tracks:

Where it is used now as bicycle track just add highway=cycleway see also

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Comment from Vincent de Phily on 12 February 2014 at 10:39

For some reason, there seem to be a lot of overenthusiastic railway mappers who have a looser view of "it exists" than other mappers.

I try to be conservative and understanding when deleting stuff, but when I see tracks going thru buildings or swamps perfectly visible on Bing, it casts a shadow over the rest of the user's contributions.

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