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OSM, my new hobby. OSM开放式地图,我的新爱好 over 4 years ago

That's great! I'm planning to visit Xi'an next year, so it'd be fantastic to have the map of the city with me on my phone when I arrive :-)

Which type of smartphone do you have? If you have an android-based phone, I can recommend you OsmAnd, which works great even when not connected to internet.

Have fun!

Just add Halal food shop about 5 years ago

How do you tag them?

Peru's import could get some love about 5 years ago

Indeed, one of the problems of rolling back the import is that it has now been from some time so it's been cleaned up a bit everywhere. But I guess it'd be possible to only remove what has not been modified.

Actually, the most ugly part are the duplicates. When it's not a duplicate, it's rather OK (it's like a GPS track with the additional information on the name of the street). I wonder if there is a tool to detect duplicates: look at the ways committed by "TELCOM IP", check whether the way is close from another way not from this import (within 5m or something), copy the name, and delete the imported way. Does this already exist?

Just finished my first town over 5 years ago

Just to be clearer, I didn't copy the phone directory data into the map, I used principally the names which are in the cadastre (that the French authorities confirmed it was ok to use as a source for OSM). I'm using directory data only to get a second list, made independently, to follow the progress and ensure the quality. Actually the phone data I found is very low quality. It contains many spelling mistakes, missing words (like first name of people), and wrong street types (like "Street" instead of "Avenue"), so it would be impossible to use it directly.

When doing the comparison, whenever there is a discrepancy I try to validate the name by looking for it in the municipal newspaper, or asking some locals (eg: my parents).

I absolutely agree that doing it gives you a strong will for an actual tour around the place. I've already planned to go for a bike trip next time I visit my parents to see all these various places which I don't know enough to draw them yet!