Mapping Xian

Posted by pieleric on 14 September 2012 in English (English)

After the redaction boat passed by, I've been playing at remapping a bit everywhere in the world. Especially, I've added back a few roads in Kristiansand (Norway), and then quite a bit more in Cyprus. With just the Bing imagery and GPS traces, it's amazing how much you can do! There is still plenty to be done but now that Cyprus is in a state good enough to have routing working, I've decided to move on.

So to celebrate the fact that now OSM is under the ODbL, I've started to map around Xian (China). Not so much to remap, but a loooot to map! My first goal is to get all the road interchanges around the city well mapped. So far, I've finished two: * *

It's amazing how it seems that every interchange in the world is different, although most of them are just about connecting two or three roads together... :-D

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