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Simulate traffic using OpenStreetMap-data and SUMO- Simulation for Urban MObility. over 2 years ago

Can you simulate buss traffic from osm buss routes ?

More satellite imagery in Bing! about 6 years ago

And now there is proper images from outside the Turku city center. Very nice.

But they won't map as well as me! about 7 years ago

I know the feeling... It's great that there are more mappers here, but I hate it when someone modifies MyMap in ways I don't like.

gpx not accepted - again about 7 years ago

JOSM can display the speed from gpx files with different colors.

Going where no mapper has gone before... over 7 years ago

That is a BIG nono. Never trace from copyrighted material unless you have permission to do so. You must remove everything you have mapped using those traces you have made from GE.

Merge POI-database with OSM extracts - Which ID? over 7 years ago

Use negative numbers in your generated file. Then for example load in with josm, upload and now save the osm file, then you should have proper id numbers if that is all you need.

Opettelua almost 8 years ago

Hienoa, tervetuloa mukaan !

Going to Parga/Greece the 12.7 almost 8 years ago

I'm going to use my N810 and N900 with Mapper to do the work.

Karttaohjelman käytön aloitus almost 8 years ago


No wonder I get these Déjà vu feelings almost 8 years ago

I know that, I've written that wiki entry myself. But if you look at the history, there where a swedish name first (as in that particular area, swedish is the primary language on road signs). Then someone else removed it and put the finnish name instead, without keeping the swedish name in some other tag, so it got lost.

Evijärvi karttaantuu over 8 years ago

heh, sunnuntaina tule ajettua keskustan läpi matkalla Turkuun, on sielä sentään 2+1 tietä :)

bash script to get all the nodes ref-ed in one way. over 8 years ago

You can write directly to a given file with wget:
-O, --output-document=FILE write documents to FILE.

Kadunnimistä Pietarsaaressa (+ympäristö) almost 9 years ago

Kunhan muistat laittaa molemmat kielet niin ainakin minä olen tyytyväinen. :)
name:fi= tagi suomenkielisille nimille.