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Mapping Freeway Exits, Powered By Road Geeks With Cameras 19 days ago

Too bad the initial photos can't be geocoded. Then they could be imported directly into JOSM and viewed right on the map.

What's your OpenStreetMap story? 6 months ago

I started mapping because the newspaper I was working for at the time needed good maps they could use in print for things like locating accidents, crimes, fires etc. Since the newspaper was relatively small and the maps weren't used frequently they didn't want to pay the huge licensing fees charged by ESRI and others. There were some services we looked at that would create a one-time custom map that we could scale and use however we wanted. The quality on these was descent. Then I found, and I saw what could be done with it. The original Tiger data was mostly accurate for a base layer but was off or lacking in a few areas. So I started spending time on my own and some company time when I could updating the map. As a result, we were were able to create several stylized maps that could be used for different locations. Now mapping has become more of an obsession as I map trails, buildings, landuse and more to make the map the best, most accurate it can be.

get children involved about 1 year ago

Now you just need to show them how to use a computer to edit or maybe a smart phone with OSMAND on it.:)

Using OSMand on the road over 1 year ago

A great tutorial. Maybe you might want to link it from the OSM wiki software page. Osmand is a great ap for poiing (not in the dictionary yet but it should be - meaning to add points of interest to the map). For a true OSM experience, you can use a phone like the Motorolla Droid, which has a built in keyboard. Then it looks like you are a teenager walking around and texting when you walk through a shopping center trying to completely map it.

Welcome! over 2 years ago

Great to have another mapper in the Monterey area! There is still plenty to do here. Jump on in. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or problems with anything since I am familar with the area and have made numerous edits in and around the county. If you are looking for ideas on how to map universities, check out UC Santa Cruz or Berkeley. But dont get overwelmed and feel like you have to map everything. Just do what you can. Happy mapping.

Less roads == better data? about 3 years ago

I would take TIGER any day over an empty map. Sure some of them may be tagged incorrectly, but it gives people an excuse to get out and check them. Many have already been fixed and checked. I would hate to have to survey all those roads by hand. The TIGER data should only be selectively deleted in rural areas or where it hasn't been touched. And the new data needs to be carefully verified to make sure it connects with existing data.

3D в OSM about 3 years ago

Cool, thats one big building. I love how it is rendered in osm.

Finished Piombino, Italy over 3 years ago

Looks good. Adding buildings is never a waste of time because they really help to complete the map.

Back to old love over 3 years ago

Osmand is an awesome program. There are two things I would like to see, the ability to add custom tags and capitalizing words in the name field. I think both have tickets for them. Osmand works great to do drive by POIing. Maybe we can get the phrase - adding points on the go - to catch on. :)

Clovis Transit Mapping Project over 3 years ago

Keep up the good work

WOF#2. Thanks all the guys for promises to kill me over 3 years ago

He did indeed contact me. He said he wanted to remove 85000 ele=0 tags. He said he just wanted to take out just the tags not needed and not change the shape at all. I didn't see a reason why not, so I told him to feel free to make the changes he needed. While there may not be any problems with the changes he made, the proper guidelines still need to be followed. I think the person really has a passion for making the map better. I think he sees what he did wrong and has a desire to do the right thing. I am looking forward to seeing his positive contributions in the future.

Temecula CA Mapping News almost 4 years ago

Nice, its always good to see ca getting some love. These are good examples of micro mapping at its finest

Announcement of Withdrawal about 4 years ago

I try to not cross major roads with landuse tags when possible but will overlap smaller roads. Either way is fine though. If you look at official munipality zoning codes, they will have many different codes like r1, r2, r3, c1, c2, c3 etc. osm doesn't have any way to diferentiate them. An area could potentially be divided into dozens of smaller areas. Things like flood plain aren't even defined in osm. Zones are highly subjective. Rather than worrying about the location of zones we should add what we can as time permits. There is way too much ground to cover to be worrying about minute details of preference.

How I'm doing it now over 4 years ago

$500 dollars for a smart phone? What is it a rolls royce? My 150 dollar android phone does fine except for the battery life. Anyway that is the nice thing about osm is there are many ways to contribute

Project of the Week Pitch Problems over 4 years ago

They use it in the us for soccer, uh futball fields but that is it

Experience over 4 years ago

Sorry to hear u were busted. But if you look anything like your profile picture I can kind of see why :) I think anyone who has been doing this for any time has received at least odd looks from concerned people. After all why would people want to create a free map?

Off to State Of The Map Denver ...and the pub tonight over 4 years ago

Nice to see the us getting some love

The Haircut Change Process over 4 years ago

Even when the dog poops in the yard, we still love it. Just keep it away from the michael vicks who would have the two dogs fight

Bethesda mapped in one day! over 4 years ago

Nice, maps always look so much better with buildings added

Adding landuse over 4 years ago

Landuse is the way to go. Nothing is more boring than a white map. Too bad more counties don't open up their data for importing into osm. Someday maybe the us will look like germany or brittian.