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Attempting to revert destructive changesets over 5 years ago

Hi PurpleMustang, I don't think it was involved with the data cleanup. I reverted the following changesets:

As I mentioned before, these changesets deleted a significant number of nodes and ways without explanation. I see the issues you note on OSM Inspector, but I think those are separate from the sheer number of deletions I'm referencing. Without explanation on why 300+ nodes disappeared, I reverted the changesets in the hope that the data was deleted by mistake.

Please let me know if upon review these nodes were intentionally removed because of data cleanup, because I will want to rebuild the city and campus with better data. Also let me know how to avoid whatever errors I made, because I want our map to be as accurate and substantive as possible. Thank you!

Attempting to revert destructive changesets over 5 years ago

Thanks to Lyx and Maxolasersquad for your comments! I appreciate your perspective on the issue and I'll keep your suggestions in mind going forward.