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open 330190 ngt

There is a connection somewhere.. Needs to be checked locally

16 days ago 16 days ago
open 326602 ngt

No GPS-Track and not visible on satelite image. Needs to be checked.

24 days ago 24 days ago
open 325073 ngt

Are these two roads connected?

27 days ago 27 days ago
open 324983 ngt

Is here some connection between these two roads?

28 days ago 28 days ago
open 291681 ngt

This is definitely not the right place! Couldn't find the appropriate though..

3 months ago 3 months ago
open 291289 ngt

Looks like a water tower, please check - and eventualle correct this

3 months ago 3 months ago
closed 146176 ngt

There are no signs with streetnames yet and I didn't find them in a source usable for osm

12 months ago 9 months ago
closed 125229


about 1 year ago about 1 year ago

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