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closed 1038292 DaveF

There appears to be one too many hotels here. One polygon, two nodes. Holiday Inn & Hilton. Unsure where the dividing party wall is located

3 months ago 3 days ago
closed 1058201 southglos

There's a separate lane A370 southbound -> A4174 that bypasses the roundabout (needs a GPS track)

3 months ago 27 days ago
closed 1105156 yurasi

This OSM note is added as per the user feedback from Mapbox:
Can anyone please confirm whether "EF bristol Stady EF" is located here.
Thank you.

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
closed 1092230 pacolloyd

my flat 14 chatterton house
ship lane

about 2 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 1043989

Escalators and pedestrian overpass no longer exist.

3 months ago 3 months ago
closed 1024087 Canary135

The place has gone or never existed. This is an auto-generated note from MAPS.ME application: a user reports a POI that is visible on a map (which can be outdated), but cannot be found on the ground.
POI name: Saint Swithin's Deer Farm
POI types: building
OSM data version: 2017-05-11T13:22:09Z

4 months ago 4 months ago
closed 689937 trigpoint

I am guessing that this building, needs proper tagging, is Sainsburys based on the proximity of the petrol station.
Shop=mall is clearly wrong, a mall is a collection of shops.
Needs a survey

about 1 year ago 4 months ago
closed 871082 ShelleyYvette

This area should be noted as Magpie Bottom Nature Reserve.

8 months ago 4 months ago
open 1012989 ndm

Think the start here is "Hardings Terrace" -- photo I have is awful from survey trip (other side of the road)

4 months ago 4 months ago
closed 1005546 poornibadrinath

Can someone confirm the existence of this park?

4 months ago 4 months ago

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