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Attn: Mappers in SE Michigan, US about 1 year ago

Very cool, good luck!

Finding the local experts over 1 year ago

Richard, I still feel bad about never coming through with completing that effort...Who can I muster to revive it?

Cemeteries in Texas MapRoulette Challenge now powered by Texas Imagery Service over 1 year ago

BladeTC I agree! Perhaps this challenge should be marked as 'hard'.

Cemeteries in Texas MapRoulette Challenge now powered by Texas Imagery Service over 1 year ago

The imagery I used as an example is different in source from the imagery used for the MapRoulette imagery. The example here was commissioned by Texas itself, and is indeed in PD. The imagery in the MapRoulette challenge is licensed from Google by Texas and made available to MapRoulette specifically. So I can't say positively that it's OK to add this imagery to JOSM or iD, and removed specific instructions to do so.

I will add a note to the body of the blog post to this effect. I will see if I can clear up the legal status of OSM use of this imagery asap.

Spotting Cemeteries in Texas over 1 year ago

I am writing a follow up blog to clarify and update with new details and imagery!

Easily create OSM-based apps in Python with OSMAlchemy over 1 year ago

Would this be related to the Overpass API python wrapper in any way? Can you point out similarities / differences between the projects?

History of all Tags over 1 year ago

Very cool!! Interesting to explore the data that way. It's fun to try and recreate what happened, for example here:


My guess: * People started mapping ways with center_turn_lane=yes * Someone decided that those tags needed to go away and wrote a bot * Mappers decided to use it anyway :)

Oh but wait:


New guess: * Someone decided that the correct spelling was centre_turn_lane and wrote a bot to rename the tags * Mappers decided to use center_turn_lane anyway :)

My Ambitious South Philly Mapping Journey over 1 year ago

Good luck and have fun!

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

Because this post is getting a lot of visibility from outside the OSM community through Hacker News and some news articles, I am going to include a line at the top to stress that OSV is not a project run by OSM or the OSMF, just to make that absolutely clear.

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

aldobelus -- I am not a huge fan of Facebook myself, but the goal is to get a lot of people involved collecting imagery for OSV (and therefore OSM). I have looked at Diaspora but there seem to be very few users. Anyway I did activate my account there and will monitor / share on that network whenever I get a chance.

Spotting Cemeteries in Texas over 1 year ago

Hmm, interesting point. Do you think it's at all possible to resolve this 'cemetery or not' question from the aerial imagery we have available?

[edited] over 1 year ago

Never! :D

I think this particular note is not that unfriendly although a smiley face might have helped. I found the original note quite informative. (Now I want to go visit and convince that 1 person to become a mapper)

Anyway this note was posted anonymously so chances are that the original poster will never see any of the comments regardless.

Let's map this place though!

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

tiguillom: This is over my head :) but could you file an issue on Github?

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

tiguillom: This is over my head :) but could you file an issue on Github?

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

vr00n - yes, interesting! That is an idea we have actually been tossing around internally as well. The phone itself could probably be a good sensor for that too. (I am assuming you mean detecting vibration as a proxy for road quality?)

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

Hi aldobelus -- I agree we should make this as open as possible. We are working on F-Droid, the direct APK link is in the blog post so you can circumvent Play Store that way if you want. Or compile yourself from the source.

I am not a big fan of Facebook either but especially in the USA community quite a few people use it. I would not post anything to Facebook exclusively without also letting the community know via the diary or talk.

Stokestack, the web site is not optimized nor tested on mobile, but there's nothing deliberate about it :) If it bugs you, why not submit a pull request (or at least an issue) on github?

@woodpeck -- I agree that we can definitely be more open still. We are working on ways to make the data more accessible (bulk download, API) but there is a cost associated with that so we need to be a bit careful with rolling that out. There is no intent on our side to lock in the data that belongs to everyone.

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

@Ziltoidium Skobbler GPS Nav is still being updated, not super frequently but development has not come to a stand still. It's still the same team in Cluj, Romania that is working on that too, so little has changed there. I also use OSMAnd , Navmii and other OSM based nav apps, and I think Skobbler is still a good candidate among these. If you have bug reports that went unanswered, I apologize. Email me if you want to follow up.

@jesolem I am happy to stand corrected with the private images, my hope and expectation is that we serve the same objective. I must have misinterpreted your legal terms, where it says

Mapillary Photos are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0). With Mapillary Photos we mean the publicly available street level photos.


We are under no obligation to publicly display Content that is posted to private repositories.

My apologies!

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

Hi metatech. Those are good questions.

You can compare restrictions side by side and I think you will find that OSV is less restrictive. Both have CC-BY-SA on images, so attribution requirements are the same. Unlike Mapillary, OSV does not have a 'private' walled garden of images that OSM does not have access to, nor does OSV place special restrictions on commercial use (in line with OSM which does not do that either). Also, OSV allows you to easily delete your account and with that, your uploaded images. Please check but I don't think you can do this with Mapillary either. Also OSV has LGPL on most of the underlying software. See the comments above.

As for competitors vs collaboration, I think having two players in the field should result in a better outcome for everyone. It keeps everyone focused on the shared objective, which is to create a truly open street level imagery resource for OSM. We are happy to collaborate with anyone if it supports our that objective. We made an attempt to collaborate with Mapillary for one of our previous initiatives (the ScoutSigns plugin for JOSM) but that didn't work out so great. That is in part what sparked the idea to start OSV in the first place.

Milestone over 1 year ago

That is a fantastic milestone to hit! Congratulations. (Just curious, which town is it?) Let me know what you think of OSV and how it is / could be more useful to your mapping.

Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

Hi Narigondelsiglo, the Android app right now only supports the Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) protocol, so unless the dongle specifically says 'Bluetooth LE' it is probably not (yet) compatible. We are working on 'normal' bluetooth support. Wifi dongles should also work.

You definitely do not need OBD2 to use the apps in any way. It just helps enhance the trip trace. The apps work perfectly fine without the OBD2 dongle.

If you want to check out the relevant source code, is probably a good place to start.