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Brand New User and just starting out. 8 months ago

Welcome Andy! Let me know if you have any questions. I am curious to hear what you think about the data quality in the Dallas metro. What are you specifically interested in mapping?

Conflation engine Cygnus now in public beta 8 months ago

======================================================== Comments above this line were from when there was a placeholder here...

Welcome Message 8 months ago

Great initiative! We should talk on Skype soon. I would absolutely love to help.

New Telenav tool: Fix missing and wrong one-way streets 9 months ago

andrewpmk -- acknowledged. those are hard to filter out purely based on trips, because like you said, the majority of folks will be driving in one direction. Is there distinctive tagging that we could use to give those cases lower importance?

Traffic Flow Direction Plugin - The Missing Manual 9 months ago

gileri - Thanks for adding the link to the wiki and adding the manual to the wiki :)

J-Louis - In Scout, we definitely take into account the historic speed profiles. Actually, they are more important in navigation than the actual maxspeed tags, because they tell us how much time it actually takes on average to traverse a segment of road, rather than theoretically based on speed limits. Because this information changes continually and is not independently verifiable, it is not suitable for adding to OSM.

25or6to4 - thanks for reporting the cluster dot issue, we will look into it for sure, that is annoying. The green quickly copies the lon,lat to the clipboard, we thought it may be useful to paste the coordinates in some other application. We may remove it if it's not useful or confusing.

TheDutchMan13 - I dig your avatar :D

Mapping Freeway Exits, Powered By Road Geeks With Cameras 9 months ago

updated the post to include a reference!

Mapping Freeway Exits, Powered By Road Geeks With Cameras 9 months ago

thanks for reminding us of Autopista, a great tool if you ask me.

New Telenav tool: Fix missing and wrong one-way streets 9 months ago

literan -- I only found one case in Moscow: - should this be marked as an invalid case?

New Telenav tool: Fix missing and wrong one-way streets 9 months ago

Hi everyone - thanks a lot for trying out the tool and sharing your experiences. We will be working on improvements to reduce the false positive cases and your responses will be very helpful in doing that. Here's what I see so far:

Very short segments

There seem to be more false positives among these. We will look into filtering these out or otherwise dealing with them.


Using OSM GPS tracks

We will be looking into that. I will check in with Grant to see if we can get a fresh dump of GPS traces. (The most recent one is from 2013.)

Changes over time

Local traffic rules / patterns may change over time, we can see if we can detect changes in traffic flow. We currently do not do that yet.

Roundabout and other less common oneway tagging


Roundabouts are implicitly oneway, we will look into filtering these. Also look at oneway=reversible.

Other improvements

  • Marking tiles as invalid / solved in web interface - we're working on that already (also for Missing Roads.)
  • Change 'Edit in ID' to 'Edit using preferred editor'.

Please try and send a location with any problem you find, so we can reproduce it. That makes it much easier to act on any reported issue. Thanks!

Audio Mapping first steps 9 months ago

Simon -- the positional accuracy of the marker is tricky, I quickly found that out also. My first tests that I describe I actually did on foot, but the positional uncertainty would increase with speed. So my thinking is that in a driving context, you would need to focus on 'big' features such as lane configuration and turn restrictions at intersections. That is what I hope to test soon.

Richard -- agreed, transcribing voice notes is very 2006. Thanks for the Vespucci reminder. I had not used it for a while because I don't have an Android phone, but it looks like it has come a long way.

SK53, and Richard -- Validating with simple (yes/no?) responses to questions is something I see for a 'Mobile Maproulette'. I would love it if someone built that :)

Halfway to vespucci 0.9.7 9 months ago

I haven't used Vespucci in a while -- no Android device -- but it looks like you made some great progress with it! Congratulations.

Cool that it shows Osmose bugs now. Wouldn't it be interesting if Vespucci could show MapRoulette bugs also?

Flash Map Mobs - some results 9 months ago

Perhaps the McCormick brothers want to open source the code? :)

How can we double the number of active mappers in the US in a year? 9 months ago

I like the idea of online mapping events. Do you have ideas about how those could work?

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data 10 months ago

Jan - working on that! Wir machen das!

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data 10 months ago

gorn -- yes, interesting eh? You would think dump truck drivers would know how to get to the landfill :)

slint -- That is an interesting idea and we are looking at incorporating more trace data.

Missing Roads - The Missing Manual 10 months ago

Pink Duck - can't reproduce - could you please email me specifics? >>

Missing Roads - The Missing Manual 10 months ago


Missing Roads - The Missing Manual 10 months ago

Because it will take me 5x as long to write this in wiki markup. But why not put a link to here on the page?

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data 10 months ago

naoliv - this was actually suggested in the feedback forum also - I'll have a look to see how feasible that is.

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data 10 months ago

Hey folks - thanks for all your comments so far! I am taking all your suggestions back to the team. I'll go into a little more detail on how to use the web tool and JOSM plugin in a follow up diary entry. For now: you can't change the status of the tiles in the web app. That is for viewing only. In JOSM, the missing roads layer needs to be the active layer and the missing roads panel needs to be visible. Then, if you select a tile, you have the option of marking it as solved (the button with the lock on it) or invalid (the button with the exclamation mark on it) in the missing roads panel.