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closed 259714 skquinn

This church is not in the middle of the road; where does it really belong?

over 3 years ago about 3 years ago
closed 113211 mjn

What's labeled as the Appalachian Approach Trail here seems off: 1) the East Ridge Trail is in this vicinity instead; and 2) the alignment is not very accurate, even so. The Appalachian Approach Trail is further west, following the river more closely, according to the state-park map.

about 4 years ago about 3 years ago
closed 81273

bounds: (30.0132,-90.2236 - 30.0048,-90.2028)
Map is showing wrong data here. "Ackle Street" was renamed by Jefferson Parish as "Riverside Drive" several years ago. "Ackle Street" no longer exists.

over 4 years ago about 4 years ago
closed 87378 afdreher

This gas station is now demolished. Currently it is just empty land.

over 4 years ago over 4 years ago
closed 12135 skquinn

Not visible from aerials. Can anyone confirm this island still exists?

almost 5 years ago over 4 years ago
closed 11407 skquinn

It doesn't make any sense that there's a street named "Lavender" here and a street just a few hundred feet east named "Lavender Street" that are obviously different streets. Aerials don't seem to show this street intersecting East Crosstimbers either.

almost 5 years ago over 4 years ago

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