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Skill Share: Map Photos Using OpenStreetMap and TileMill about 2 years ago

@stephan75 I've incorporated your suggestion to use templates, and mentioned TagInfo.

Skill Share: Map Photos Using OpenStreetMap and TileMill about 2 years ago

Hi, I just updated the tutorial to include the GeoJSON Flickr Groomer, No longer necessary to store preview images as tags in OSM.

@dieterdreist: indeed, this can work with other photo image sharing sites. It would be cool to incorporate as well ... what will it take to add support to, in terms of the 23hq API?

Skill Share: Map Photos Using OpenStreetMap and TileMill over 2 years ago

@stephan75 nice! I will look to incorporate this when I revise. One issue though ... when loading layers in TileMill, each layer can only contain one geometry type, so the key template doesn't work. The key-type template does, so could construct something like

and mention this one, in case they want to branch off into other geometries.

New contributor experience over 2 years ago

Great notes on the new experience. I think that feedback about tile rendering delay should be noted in the iD walkthrough, or on commit (at least the first couple times). And lots of other useful ideas. Welcome to OSM!

Is the OpenStreetMap Rails App Appropriate for Other Data Sets? over 2 years ago

@JimmyRocks There probably won't be much that's useful for OSM, but perhaps. For certain data layers, we can choose the license, but other imports might be restricted by source.

Maybe I'm not too concerned about the data model, perhaps I'm just used to it. Certainly it will be weird for importers, who will want OGC standards I expect. Editing, well I think iD is one of the best out there for straightforward editing.

@migurski Good point. We could relax those zoom level restrictions in iD, dependent on the data layer being edited. What do you mean by "tools assume street-scale and enforce that in high-precision data output"?

If anything, I'm most concerned about defining some notion of layers in OSM, and in adding permissions.

Is the OpenStreetMap Rails App Appropriate for Other Data Sets? over 2 years ago

@ebwolf: Machine tags, a good idea. I'm also thinking it could help with attribute level focus/access; much of the enhanced data is not going to fit in standard tags, and can organize group focus around that. Definitely permissions/roles are going to be something to add, so that's something to investigate ... is it relatively straightforward to add to the current app, or is the notion of open so deep, that it would become a sink.

@wonderchook: I've been thinking a lot about enhancing the social functions directly in the rails app, we started hacking on it during the SOTM US sprint day. So possibly, this project provides some support to really advance on those features. Question is, how much of what's needed for Moabi is also needed for OSM.

The other platforms I'm thinking about are Cartaro and GeoNode. There you have GeoServer on the back end, and then Drupal or Django for presentation. Just GeoDjango might be good enough too, to start from. Interested to hear more opinions on other options definitely.

What a fantastic State of the Map US over 2 years ago

thanks Ian, Martijn. great to see you both too. and all this was only from my perspective!

(Not) Finding Communities over 2 years ago

Another nice way to keep track of changes

A new way of fast browsing of latest changes over 2 years ago

Nice! Seems obvious in retrospect.

Issue is that it only works efficiently at high zoom level, and that also varies depending on data density ... DC is having trouble loading at same zoom levels at Witchita. How do you design reasonable fall throughs to traditional history?

overpass turbo now with MapCSS support over 2 years ago

awesome. hey, when can we get a simple link from export tab to overpass turbo?

National Park Service Mapping over 2 years ago

tpcolson, edit wars occur much less often then you might think. It's not a matter of trumping, but rather, of conversation and collaboration. So far, for the parks, we've seen really good collaboration between authoritative data and community collected data. It's about creating the best map after all, and we all recognize we can do it better together. And you're already part of it ;) since you've done a great job using your wiki to document the Smoky Mountain map. Mt Renier Park Tiles are also a good example of this. This post has another of examples where authoritative sources and community are working together (and this is just the US).

Anyway, if you have some specific concerns, let's all talk and figure it out.

Hyattsville Mapping Party over 2 years ago

Looking at planning the Arboretum mapping party soon. Making a note for myself.

There does preexist some GIS data by the Arboretum. Doesn't look to be open (yet), and I don't know how complete it actually is ... has biological data on the trees, but not why they're present. For instance the Grove of US Trees (yes every state tree in a grove, even a sad looking Redwood from California) does not have the State listed in the GIS data.

(Not) Finding Communities over 2 years ago

Richard, hope you collected some POI also!

(Not) Finding Communities almost 3 years ago

A note from lyx...

I did just read your blog entry. The only mapper currently active in Jordan that I know of would be user "cabal", who is from the Netherlands but AFAIK in Jordan currently (or at least until very recently). The country was not really hit hard by redaction, because there was not that much data to be redacted to begin with. About 85% of the countries data now has been added by me, not all from imagery but some from GPS tracks that I took when I spent a few weeks there. Unfortunately I did not have the time to collect street names, so even the data added from local visits remains mostly nameless.

Geographic names (villages, mountain peeks etc.) in Jordan have been added byuser Metehyi, apparently by importing data from GNIS(?) and translating it into Arabic. Unfortunately the location data in that dataset was very inprecise; I have improved it where I could but much of it is still off by hundreds of meters.

I think user cabal is trying to get a few locals and/or expats into mapping; don't know if he had any success so far.

National Park Service Mapping almost 3 years ago

Thanks Glassman. Will definitely keep in touch, and I'm happy to help and build on the shoulders of what you've done. As things develop, I'll definitely update the wiki. Something on the National Day of Civic Hacking is a great idea too.

Open geospatial's & OSM's bright future in Cleveland (2013 Kick-Off Meeting Recap) almost 3 years ago

Great. And hey, I recognize that first slide!

Hyattsville Mapping Party almost 3 years ago

That sparks a few ideas on managing and representing events in Used to be, we'd do a GPX animation (the crowd would demand this played several times) and before/after screenshots of a mapping party. Organizing the event means contacting local groups and mappers, sending announcements and venue details, etc, over various lists, etc. You hope that some of the attendees get hooked.

If we can make it easier for anyone to organize a mapping party, then more mapping parties will happen, and the connections made during the event are more likely to continue, meaning more mappers and a better map. When building such features, need to think about a flexible architecture so this doesnt place too much burden on resoureces, is open to new features and flexible. Is this something like Apps for

an Event takes places in an Area, during a particular Time, at a Venue(s), sometimes with focus on particular Tags, with a Host(s) and Attendees (who may or may not actually contribute Data), connected to 0 or more organized mapping Groups. Posts/announcements are sent out before/during/after the event by the Host and Attendees, Data changes are visualized and analysed in before/after, animations, lists of top contributed tags and qa on added data.

Assuming a means to more comprehensively monitor Data in an Area, an Event seals a record of activity over a certain time, links all the people involved, and collects stories.

The Monkey Puzzle pub switch2osm! about 3 years ago

Clearly the top business decision in #switch2osm are the drunk mappers.

Mapping Training about 4 years ago

You're doing great work in Kwale, congrats

Libyan Rebels Advancing Into OSM Territory over 4 years ago

If you are working in rural areas, there is a collection of GPS tracks donated to us which may be helpful.