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Thank you for your trust! over 2 years ago

Simon, let me say thank you for all your work!

London: Searching for Globe Town over 2 years ago

UPDATE: thanks to the National Library of Scotland for providing old OS maps as slippy maps. I happened to notice the old OS map has a label for Globe Town, so I decided to use that as a good guide for placement.

Vital signs of maps - monthly maps of mapping progress in Iceland over 2 years ago

En flott :)

Who drew this street or: A rant about the "history" feature of OSM over 2 years ago

IOOI, I think many of us want the feature you've described, and have wanted it for years. However there's a technical issue holding it back. Changesets have bounding boxes (bboxes) stored in their basic metadata, so it's very easy to run a database query to find "all changesets that cover this area". Unfortunately, if you want to find out if a particular changeset actually affects an area, you can't just look at the changeset metadata - you'd need to retrieve all the nodes/ways/relations affected in the changeset, and recurse down into the objects they contain or no-longer-contain, and then see if any of those lies in the area. Technically possible but a total pain to code properly, and even harder to make efficient, I guess!

The OWL service was a great idea for a better history tab. As far as I can tell they put a load of effort in but then it didn't progress further. Not sure why. Probably just the amount of volunteer effort available.

Just noticed I've passed 350 edits over 2 years ago

Congratulations! Happy 350th! :)

iD is fine for a lot of purposes. The main times you start to need JOSM are when you're doing big jobs like tracing hundreds of buildings. That's when JOSM's advanced features make the workflow faster, but of course it takes time to learn it.

We can no longer go on like this over 2 years ago

The ability to "write protect special objects" is an interesting idea - it's a lot like the mediawiki idea of "protected pages" (which can't be edited by newcomers). I like the idea of that, as long as it's restricted to a small number of really special/breakable objects such as coastlines. I'd suggest that the protected objects should be editable only if your user account is more than X months old AND has made more than Y edits. It seems to me that, as with wikipedia, as long as we remember not to apply this lock too widely (which would inhibit contribution), it could help.

5 dreams/ proposals for OSM headquarters (please comment) over 2 years ago

The MapSurfer link doesn't work for me (doesn't show any tiles), so I can't comment. But I think most people agree the Mapnik style ain't too pretty.

But if you think the Mapnik style is bad, PLEASE don't try to ruin all the other map styles too by piling a load of extra symbols onto the bike/transport/humanitarian styles! The more extra crud you add to a rendering style, the less readable and useful you make it for its designed purpose.

(My number one hope for right now is adding routing to the website!)

Contributor numbers revisited and empty changesets galore over 2 years ago

Empty changesets are possible?? Gosh that surprises me.

This must add bloat to the database and to various dumps without any benefit, surely? Should we consider perhaps that the server should return an error when something attempts to record an empty changeset? now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe over 2 years ago

By the way Richard, just this morning TFL recommended me a comically wrong cycle route in East London. So I went to and got the right route :) now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe over 2 years ago

Richard: IGNORE ME. I use Privacy Badger addon and it was inadvertently blocking the nominatim calls. Sorry. now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe over 2 years ago


In the search boxes, postcode lookup is easy, but if I search for something simple like "Bolton" to "Manchester" I just get both boxes beachballing. I think you might find some people surprised that they can't just type in normal placenames like that.

India Villages over 2 years ago

yalla: zoom in on the image :) you can see that each village is a black dot.

this visualisation has a lovely texture

Tracing Baiji, Iraq over 2 years ago


Working on Palampur, Dharamsala, Chamba over 2 years ago

Welcome to OSM! :)

Android OSM apps over 2 years ago

Oh wait I mean OsmTracker. I always forget the name. That's the one I like.

Android OSM apps over 2 years ago

Have you tried OsmAnd? I like it.

New Starter almost 3 years ago

Yep, Stalfur is right. Just to be clear: you just use a generic road for the road, but then separately you draw an area that goes around the whole industrial estate (the roads, the buildings, etc) and mark that as landuse=industrial

Map a park almost 3 years ago

True! Unfortunately I don't live there, and I didn't bother surveying the true state of the bus stops...

Elevation carving using OSM waterway data almost 3 years ago

This is indeed a lovely idea for fine detail! Nice work Andrew.

Regarding OSM GPS-track elevations (as Hedaja suggests): they're VERY poor accuracy in general. I tried inferring the terrain of the UK from OSM GPS-track elevations and the results came out really badly. The problem is not so much that the elevations are "noisy" because if we have enough measurements then variation gets averaged out - the problem is that they seem to have weird biases pushing the estimate in the wrong direction. (You also get problems due to GPS tracks recorded in aircraft!)

I didn't find an obvious way of cleaning up the OSM GPS-track elevations to make them useful, but of course others may be cleverer than me.

How do you map house numbers efficiently? almost 3 years ago

I like the screen design, and the way you've clearly thought about the number of clicks required and the persisting state through the task.

Why does it make you unhappy that you haven't done away with the keyboard entirely? IMHO that will always be needed, for the corner-cases, and it doesn't inhibit the workflow. Most users won't need to go near the keyboard option on that screen.

Getting the first number: keyboard view is first view?