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Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion about 1 month ago

Thanks, yes - my reply implicitly acknowledged the sarcasm. Try following some of the links in Heather's diary to find answers to your question!

Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion about 1 month ago

No, cray, but thanks for the thought :) Taking the thought seriously for a moment, that would work against minorities not in favour of them. Instead, let's help with the Next Steps that Heather listed - especially number 3 :)

Building an inclusive map - OSM and gender discussion about 1 month ago

Philippe, that's lame. How about trying to be part of the solution?

Heather, thanks for these detailed notes.

RFC: wikidata->osm lookup table about 1 year ago


So there's Wikidata Property P402 which means "OSM relation" - and already this is a bit weird cos it's only relations not nodes or ways. And there's a Request for Deletion (RFD) being discussed to get rid of it. The debate over there is indeed a bit convoluted.

But if I understand you right @d1g, you're saying that the Wikidata community might after all be interested in storing wkd->osm references, even though they're not guaranteed stable?

New about 1 year ago

Hi. Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

What shall we have for diner tonight? about 1 year ago

Let's not get rude.

In my original comment, when I said "Data users should know how to handle semicolons" I should rather have said "Tools for data users should know how to handle semicolons". Just as those tools should handle the contortions of the opening_hours format etc!

What shall we have for diner tonight? about 1 year ago

The word "blunt" doesn't say much to me here I'm afraid. There is no consensus against semicolon-delimited lists (after much debate...), and Marc has illustrated how widespread they are in cuisine=*. I think it unlikely that anyone's going to get the semicolons out of the map, and - although I won't rehearse the arguments (many have blogged on the matter, on various sides!) - in my opinion that's basically fine for the cuisine tag here.

What shall we have for diner tonight? about 1 year ago

there are also 17849 occurrences of that key which appear only once, but every time with a different combination of values

This is not a problem. Data users should know how to handle semicolons for multiple entries, IF they are processing OSM tags for which the practice is common - as it is for cuisine. There's no need to worry about the "illusory" explosion of single-occurrence tags.

Others have already pointed out that other things you mention, like "cuisine=italian;pizza", are not problems. I'm getting the strong impression from this discussion that it's all fine!

By the way, yes I do indeed sometimes use OSM (and no other service) to find somewhere to eat, and I do look at the cuisine=* tag as well as the diet:vegetarian=* tag. I don't claim this is normal ;)

The OSM website now has a context menu (right-click menu)! about 1 year ago

@Stalfur if you're using Firefox, use SHIFT-click to get the "original" context menu back.

Happy Cow IDs about 1 year ago

Warin61, thanks for your comment. I don't believe there is a copyright breach here. If you think there is, could you be more specific please? This proposal does not involve copying content from the site. Which specific part of the terms of use do you believe would be violated?

Perhaps you could specify in what way this would be different to adding a website=* tag, in terms of licensing?

Making the switch from Wikimapia to OpenStreetMap over 2 years ago

Jat this is such a heartwarming message. It's really nice to be reminded of the good effects that OSM editing has. Welcome to OSM and I hope you enjoy the community!

Proposed mechanical edit: surface=woodchip to surface=woodchips over 2 years ago

Hi - I'm not in favour of this.

  • BOTH woodchip and woodchips are very rarely used at present - less than 300 each - therefore it's still early days and there are too few instances for it to be menaingful to say one is "more popular" than the other.
  • In English language, "woochip" is a mass noun. We never say "woodchips" in this context. I don't know who decided to put "woodchips" on the wiki or if there was any official process, but I think the decision is foolish, because native English speakers will continue to use "woodchip" because to an English speaker it's clearly the correct term.

So I would argue that the wiki entry should be changed. That's not necessarily your responsibility Mateusz, but I would certainly say that your proposed mechanical edit would be unproductive. I promise that people will carry on using "woodchip" - because it's the correct english term - until the key gets popular enough to have presets, which is some way in the future.

Initial activity and retention of first-time HOT contributors almost 3 years ago

Martin this is fantastic analysis, thanks!

One possibility, regarding the difference between Missing Maps and the other projects, is that the newcomers might be coming from different "constituencies" - i.e. the newcomers might be inherently different before they start. I know that all of the projects have benefited greatly from having people come in through their MSF / Red Cross / other NGO participation, but it was particularly true for MM, and maybe that affects the continued engagement levels you're seeing. Just a thought.

#OpenBeerMap a 1 an ! almost 3 years ago

Hi - hmmmm, in the UK an amenity=cafe is not a place to get beer...

Is it the moment for OpenStreetMap? almost 3 years ago

Another +1000 from me; this puts it very well.

(No Subject In Particular) about 3 years ago

Woop Jalil!

First mapping. Higham, Lancs, UK about 3 years ago

Burt - regarding that stream, the link takes you to a view where the object is "highlighted", which means that it shows up in orange. Is that what you mean about the different view?

When you're looking at that view, you should be able to click the usual "Edit" button in the top-left of the website and edit the way. If you have any problems reversing it then give us a shout, and let us know which editor you're using (iD? JOSM?)

First mapping. Higham, Lancs, UK about 3 years ago

Higham! I did a lot of Higham mapping! Thanks for adding more detail :)

XD about 3 years ago


Observations during a HOT task about 3 years ago

Hi - just a couple of responses:

Routing would be impossible.

In HOT tasks we do get a good proportion of enthusiastic newcomers, who sometimes don't understand the routing aspect of mapping. It's a job we have, to educate contributors. If you have the time, please feel free to send a (friendly!) message to the mapper who did that.

the probability that anyone corrects our HOT data inputs from a survey is pretty remote.

Not as remote as you might think: maybe it's unlikely the locals will correct it, but some of the NGOs that actively use our mapping will do so.

IMHO if two vehicles travelling in opposite directions cannot pass each other without one of them going off-road then it should be defined as a track even if the HOT instructions state otherwise!

That doesn't sound right. There are lots of countryside roads here in Britain where vehicles can't pass each other, yet they're definitely not tracks.

If you cannot recognise the highway classification then you should default to the lower class.

My opinion is that if you cannot decide the classification, you should use highway=road which means "Road with an unknown classification".