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OSM-PH tagging suggestion almost 4 years ago

I removed the word.

OSM-PH tagging suggestion almost 4 years ago

Streetview never existed in the Philippines. I took this photo myself. Does google own copyrights for the word "streetview"? If so, I will remove the word in my title.

changing rivers and streams in Marikina-Pasig basin about 4 years ago

@ wynnndale,

I'm not aware of publicly available maps that has updated rivers within this area.

Laguna Map: Famy and Sta. Maria only missing about 4 years ago

Sounds like a good place for a mapping party. ;)

missing U-turn slots on EDSA near SM and Trinoma about 4 years ago

You can view who modified/edited your data by looking at your specific changeset. Click the deleted way and view the history.

Garmin Won't Route you to SCTEX-NLEX from MacArthur about 4 years ago

backpacking philippines,

If you are using the osmph garmin maps I compile, then max_speed is not used:

I disabled the use of max_speed because ETA calculations are too optimistic.

I agree with richard, real world speed should be in another tag and not in max_speed.

Sampaloc and Quiapo, Manila about 4 years ago

It is good that you have been focusing on road routability. I don't have particular interest on this issue because it doesn't affect me on my usual bike commute :). Keep it up!

Garmin Routing Algorithm? about 4 years ago

Garmin classifies road according to:
- road class - the class of the road where 4 is the best roads eg. motorways and 0 are residential roads etc.
- road speed - an indication of how fast traffic on the road is. 0 is the slowest and 7 the fastest.

Along with road length, Gamin combines these criteria in an algorithm for selecting the route for you. Other have observed that the road class is the primary consideration.

As to the Macarthur vs Expressways, I think there are problems with the data here. You may also be correct that motorway_links maybe part of the issue here.

routing errors in makati over 4 years ago

I added the bollard restriction switch in the map compilation. Check the latest map in a day or two.

routing errors in makati over 4 years ago

regarding Q2: is there a bollard in the osm data along mayapis? If so, my garmin map shouldn't route you down that road.

armchair mapping in Albay over 4 years ago

@alexz, thanks!

Pretty Labels over 4 years ago

Interesting, I never knew that polygons adjust labels as a multi-line text. Nice work!

There is an island shaped like Korea. over 4 years ago

We also have a big relief map of the Philippines inside a park in the Philippines.


Mapping areas of ILoilo City Philippines over 4 years ago


I am not from Iloilo, but let me know how to help.


kill those philippine saw-tooth coastlines! over 4 years ago

here's how to use the sawtooth webpage and josm

kill those philippine saw-tooth coastlines! almost 5 years ago

Thank you to all those helping out. We nearly nuked 25% of the sawtooth segments. Less the 1,000 segments to go!

Manning is Harassing almost 5 years ago

> 4. Akala ko leader ka kase nakasulat sa letter mo Head-Maning
:) Na-copy paste mo yung alternate text ng picture ko sa profile. "head-maning" ang nakasulat dun dahilo ulo ko naman talaga yun.

Manning is Harassing almost 5 years ago

> Siguro si manning galit sa mga taga Bacolod ano ba problema nito?
No, I don't have any grudge against anyone in Bacolod.
(tagalog: Hindi ako galit kaninuman sa Bacolod)

> Bakit palagi ako ang pinag iinitan niya?
I actually mailed all the users who have mapped the Bacolod area.
(tag: Lahat ng mappers sa Bacolod ay pinadalhan ko ng sulat.)

> ni hindi nga ako nag upload ng kahit ano na gps traces dahil hindi ako marunong.
I can teach you how to upload traces, give me details why you are having a difficult time in uploading.
(tagalog: Pwede kita turuan, saang bahagi ba ng pag-upload ka nahihirapan?)

> sya ba ang lider dito?
No, I'm not the leader or anything. But I do have the right or anyone in OSM to ask.
(Hindi ako ang pinuno. Subalit, may karapatan ako at ang kahit sino sa OSM na magtanong.)

> abusuhin ang powers mo
I simply asked, I didn't even touch any of your edits.
(tagalog: Nagtanong lang ako, ni hindi ko nga ginalaw yung mga edits mo.)

> siguro nexttime sa may nila naman ako mag edit yun malapit sa iniedit niya.
I thought this was an empty threat, apparently not:

This is tantamount to vandalism. Please don't mess with the database that other find very useful and in some cases saved lives (Haiti)

(Akala ko banta lamang ito, pero hindi pala:

Maituturing itong bandalismo. Pakiusap, wag mong gawin ito. Maraming tao ang nakikinabang sa datos mula sa OSM at may mga pagkakataong nakapagligtas pa ito ng buhay, gaya nang sa Haiti.)

Housenumbers and privacy almost 5 years ago

It's election season in the Philippines, people are more concerned with privacy due to the upcoming election (you know how it works). I stopped doing photo-mapping for now because I was "accused" of documenting election-related violations around a certain neighborhood.

Wag mong erasin AVELINOSK, mag tanong ka muna. almost 5 years ago

What we interpret as trunk roads in the Philippines maybe different from the UK's description.

For a brief description here's the link:

Recently there is an existing discussion in the OSM-Philippines mailing list regarding this matter:

I invite you guys to join the mailinglist to discuss tagging conventions we are adopting for the country.

Keep on mapping!