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Mapillary trials about 2 months ago

I'm getting the same issue sometimes (I'm blaming my ISP). Just try clicking the blue line to see photos. You can also file a bug report at mapillary's github account.

Water in OpenStreetMap 3 months ago

This is nice challenge. However, I can't see it in the list of challenges in MapRoulette.

Iligan street map update 5 months ago

Great! Deteiled mapping in Iligan started after Sendong. Its good to know that there are more locals contributing. Hope you find the data useful.

Iligan street map update 5 months ago

Keep it up! Is this a local mapping initiative in Iligan? If you have questions, just ask.

Keep on mapping!

Maning OpenStreetMap-Philippines

@OsmThis: Twitter to OSM 7 months ago ->


Moabi at State of the Map US 7 months ago

Cool! Any plans for open sourcing the code? I'm particularly interested in the iD presets.

Mapping the Gran Cordillera Central 8 months ago

Good luck with your docu entry! And its nice you do mapping on the side. ;)

Hello, OSM! 9 months ago

Hi Ken,

I reported your issue in iD's github repo, please update if the problem persists. Thanks!

We need to look at consistency of coverage in the Philippines. Let's target LOD1 first. 9 months ago

@/al, I updated the entry for the location of the images. If that is what you mean.

Hello, OSM! 9 months ago

Welcom to the "tribe". :)

Bagong Simula over 1 year ago


Welcome din. Sana maging makabuluhan din ang iyong pagiging contributor dito sa OSM.

Rivers in Palawan not showing on main map almost 2 years ago

Disregard my comment. My speed reading missed that part of your post. :-)

Rivers in Palawan not showing on main map almost 2 years ago

Cycle, tranport and mapquest layer looks OK.

Will @MapBox allow imagery tracing for OSM? almost 2 years ago

Now available to paid users:

Using exif based geotag photos from phone to JOSM is not always reliable about 2 years ago

What's even more weird is when I checked the details of the photo in the phone, it reports the lat/lon to up to 15 decimals! Way too much IMO.

1,074,201 things to do for OpenStreetMap, literally. about 2 years ago

Great! Any plans for a worldwide coverage?

Quezon Ave - Araneta Ave Underpass Now Open but... about 2 years ago

The underpass is now in OSM, please check later if the routing is OK.

hi-res imagery for Leyte and problems with OSM :( over 2 years ago

If you click on the Bing Aerial (Labeled) layer in this link:,124.791324,17

The closed source data is even worst. Unfortunately, I cannot edit it. The problem with closed/proprietary. :)

Perhaps we can also discuss this in the PH mailinglist so that other mappers can help and standardize the tags.

Good Day over 2 years ago

Welcome! I am happy to know that your groups is interested with using OSM Bukidnon has some hi-res imagery you use for tracing data.

Counting faces in SOTM 2011 group photo about 3 years ago

Note that Peter Batty appeared twice in the photo. :)