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Lake Ontario 8 months ago

A discussion in February about the same topic with the hint that natural=coastline was already agreed on:

New ScoutSigns release - now with Mapillary power! 10 months ago

I am unable to test it since with me it prevents JOSM from starting:

Creating .obf files for OsmAnd using Overpass Turbo API and OsmMapCreator 10 months ago

Thank you for the write-up.

Tiny formatting hint: before 5a a linebreak got lost (happens easily with Markdown when forgetting to use to whitespaces before).

Missing Maps Mapathon Edinburgh, episode 2 about 1 year ago

For armchair mapping:

I am convinced that mapping from remote is useful and that a lot of persons with good common knowledge can do it with good results after a basic explanation with some examples with hopefully some on-the-ground photos.
For example one could explain: Big highways (primary or trunk) connect big cities, smaller highways (secondary, tertiary) connect smaller ones and between a lot of residential houses highway=residential is mostly appropriate. It doesn't matter if the surface is paved or not.

Even if the imagery is quite old it is unlikely that (major) highways disappear or inhabited places vanish completely.

Not sure what task(s) you worked at, but for example in ebola regions the organisations first hand needed to know where the people lived and how to get there. If you map all the houses (or the residential area) and the ways connecting them better guesses or even calculations can be made. It doesn't matter if you overlooked a dozen houses in a town or accidentially chose the wrong category of highway – the settlement and the street is there and thanks to you the people can be helped.

Gebäudemapping in Neubaugebieten mit GPS und ohne Luftbilder about 1 year ago

Es ging offenbar etwas verloren: | quer zur Richtung der Achse weniger stark aus, da sich die Achse | Innendienst

Zum Vereinigen von Ebenen kann man auch ctrl-m drücken.

Zum Thema: vor ein paar Jahren habe ich eine Siedlung mit GPS+Fotokamera (statt WPT zu setzen) erfasst. 20 Minuten Erfassung, 5 Stunden am Rechner… ;)

Editing of our travels in Iran completed over 1 year ago

Thank you. I will have a look at it.

Editing of our travels in Iran completed over 1 year ago

Is there a place where you wrote about your travels?

Erste OSM-Map erstellt. over 1 year ago

Eigene Kacheln auf eigenem Server sind imho nur erstrebenswert, wenn man wirklich viel Besucher hat oder einen eigenen Stil rendern will. Sat-Bilder: nimm doch die von Bing oder gar MapBox.

Zum Erstellen an sich: Ich hatte (und hab noch immer) nicht viel Ahnung von html&co, aber ein paar Vorlagen hernehmen und anpassen ging eigentlich recht einfach.

Evtl magst du auch einmal umap anschauen? Dort kann man sich Verschiedenstes recht bequem zusammenbauen.

Japan, why are you so beautiful? over 1 year ago

Like a lot of things the visualized data of Japan may look beautiful – but a close look makes you shiver. I am thinking of the imports I had a look at and for which I assume the most errors still won't be fixed.

Böse Überraschung over 1 year ago

Wenn ein ausgeschilderter Wanderweg über einen Weg führt, der nicht öffentlich begehbar ist, hat entweder der Wanderwegwart geschlampt oder der Bauer hat gelogen.

In jedem Fall solltest du dich bei der Verwaltung der Kommune erkundigen, wer den Weg verantwortet und pflegt und um eine Lösung dieses Unfugs bitten.

(und sorry für den späten Kommentar ;) )

Time for a 'Map Your Outdoors Adventure' party! over 1 year ago

May I link to an older blog post of mine? Walking Albania about 350 km for a second time was a great experience an an adventure no less. :)

(I had this blog post of your as tab in my browser since it's publication, now finally happen to comment it. :) )

Mapillary over 1 year ago

I doubt the usability of this tag. Mapillary tends to have several pictures of one object, image=link_to_picture should be sufficient.

Besides, everybody should be able to research on his own if there are any images of an object in wikimedia, flickr, mapillary, google streeview etc.

A look at Scout Signs over 1 year ago

Hi Martijn,

thanks for the reply. Bea and I exchanged some more emails and sorted everything out so far I think.
What bothers me with the offset of the scout signs placements to reality is that I assume there will be some mappers who "correct" the data in OSM to the scout signs. Since there is already an offset of 20+m at 30km/h (where I know the location of the sings and could measure) I'd assume a quite bigger offset on higher speeds.

untrue size of Berlin's Memorial of Europe's murdered Jews over 1 year ago

I don't have more knowledge as described above. The aerial imagery is not too good, too. Maybe the operating foundation is willing to share some data?

A look at Scout Signs over 1 year ago

RM87, no problem. The funny thing is after reading the first six words I knew where you wanted to post this answer. :)

key:xmas over 1 year ago

Thanks for reminding me to clean up some Christmas markets other mappers did map but didn't update. :)

6000 EUR for OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

PS: You may also have a look at the last paragraph here

6000 EUR for OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

You may see the FOSSGIS as German local chapter. So far no "real" local chapter of the OSMF exists afaik.

When you speak German you may also have a look at the FOSSGIS' website of why, how and what the FOSSGIS does regarding OSM and of requests for funding.

6000 EUR for OpenStreetMap over 1 year ago

The FOSSGIS e.V. is the registered association in Germany which handles "official" OSM stuff. Since lately woodpeck aka Frederik Ramm (who is quite well known) is the treasurer of the FOSSGIS.

Smartphone mounts over 1 year ago

@Bruno: Agree to your observations regarding blurred images du to shake/lack of light (or better: slow lens). Despite that there remains a big amount of good images – as of today all Mapillary imagery in Albania is by me, mostly done while walking, so have a look at it. :)