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Mapped Prem Nagar, Berhampur over 4 years ago

Vincent de Philly:

Well, I'll upload the gpx tracks as soon as I update my city, but there was around 3 to 5 metres of inaccuracy even in that tight space :) So, all in all, there were pretty good traces.

I'm a very shy person and thus try to be as inconspicuous as possible :/ Considering that it's an unsafe area, I'll rather try to hide myself there. You don't know what might happen otherwise :( But your idea regarding the leaflets does make sense. The next time I'm questioned about my activities, at least I'll be able to handle the situation gracefully :)

And no, surveying early in the morning is out of question. In certain parts of the city, people go take bath in ponds before sunrise. That's the custom of villages here. So you can imagine how awkward the situation might turn if I follow your advice :P

robert: Really a wonderful jacket! It might help me if I weren't trying to survey without raising suspicion... And I didn't know that Mr Lee endorsed OSM! Thanks for sharing the link :)

New contributor experience over 4 years ago

Welcome to OSM! Great job documenting your newbie experience! When I discovered OSM, I was too scared to even begin editing. And Potlatch was not helping matters, even with the walk through. I had to read through the wiki several times in order to get comfortable with all the map features. I must have used Potlatch very less and I quickly jumped to JOSM and found it more comfortable.

Good luck mapping!