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Show Chinas Map in Western Charakters? 2 months ago

You can use the version at

State of the map Asia - 2017 and talk on multilingual maps of the world! 7 months ago

The Arabic map doesn't really work for me: In place of the labels I see kind of rectangular blobs, like the letters are covered by blocky rectangles that cover the area of the letter. So I can see what area would be covered by the label but I can not read it. I'm using Firefox 55.0.3_1,1 on FreeBSD 11.1. Do others have the same problem?

Das fetzt: Der süße "Stoff" für Heidelberger Erholungsmomente. 12 months ago

Auftritt Wikingerchor: "Spam, Spam, wonderful Spam .."

Bob Dylan’s World over 1 year ago

Nice! Now if they had credited OSM it would be even nicer ...

การกิน ทำให้คุณดูอ่อนกว่าวัย over 1 year ago

.. and now all the Vikings sing: Spam, Spam, wonderful Spam ..

Spotting Cemeteries in Texas over 1 year ago

In cases where you don't see a cemetery at the location, it is often a good idea to zoom out a bit and look at USGS Topo maps for the area. At least the small cemeteries imported from GNIS are frequently off by a few yards, sometimes quite a bit more (I have seen up to half a mile in a few cases).

Translation Script about 2 years ago

Thanks for publishing your script. Any users of this should be aware that using this script would be an "automated edit" where special rules apply. More information can be found at our wiki at

Address Import Ready about 2 years ago


please have a look at the import guidelines before uploading the data. They can be found at To make a "good" import is surprisingly hard, and the guidelines will help you to avoid at least the well-known problems.

Brisant: Ost-West-Trennung an der Glienicker Brücke wieder aktuell! about 2 years ago

Das fröhliche Mappen aber bitte nicht mit Blick auf die Bilder von Google, das dürfen wir nämlich nicht.

New to Openstreet Map over 2 years ago


welcome to OSM. Just had a look at the Tuba City map, you made it a lot more useful with your first edits. One suggestion: You could tag the locally used "TC Hill" as "local_name" instead of amending the "name" field. That way it would not be displayed on the map, but could still be found when searching for the name. Or, move "Dynamite Hill" to official_name and set only "TC Hill" as "name". Same effect, the map would only show TC Hill, but searching for Dynamite Hill would work.

Greetings from Germany, Wolfgang

Training OpenStreetMap Tunisia over 2 years ago

It might help if you tell us a bit more about what specific kind of training you are looking for. I just had a look and apparently there is no forum for the mapper community in Tunisia, and the mailing list appears to be unused. But you could check who is mapping in Tunisia and contact those mappers directly? Or contact mappers in neighboring countries; the forum for mappers in Algeria and the mailing list for Morocco seem to have some users.

Missing Dam in Germany over 2 years ago

I usually map dams as an area, but cheating by omitting the underwater part. Recent example would be

Back to Chiapas backcountry. over 2 years ago


thanks for contributing to OSM, and for this status update. Unfortunately I have to remind you of one unpleasant thing: We do not have permission to use information from Google Maps, so any names you copied from there will have to be removed. Leaving that data in OSM is a danger to our project. I know it's not fun, but please remove these names again. Having a very costly lawsuit for a brech of copyright is definitely even less fun.

Ersthilfe almost 3 years ago


schau am besten mal auf ob Du da fündig wirst.

Queensland DCDB as an iD background almost 3 years ago

I don't have the time for a detailed look at the moment, but my impression from reading your blog entry: That's really cool stuff! Thanks for sharing

US County Roads (from residential to track) about 3 years ago

Well, the tracktype tag as I read the description is kind of a "summary" of the state of a track. The surface can be specified separately but is assumed to be unpaved except for tracktype=grade1. I would not use tracks with tracktype=grade3 or worse with a normal vehicle unless its the only way to reach my destination. I admit I had only looked at the western part of the way you linked originally; the eastern part I would classify tracktype=grade3. I also assume that road classification in the US is based on predominant use as it is in the rest of the world, other mappers may think different though. Personally I also don't use highway=residential for small unpaved lanes connecting a single farm to the road network and instead tag these as highway=service, surface=unpaved (or surface=gravel if I can identify it from images).

US County Roads (from residential to track) about 3 years ago

correction: was supposed to be tracktype=grade4

US County Roads (from residential to track) about 3 years ago

This appears to be a track consisting of compressed earth. I would tag that as highway=track, tracktype=4 (might be 3). I usually don't tag surface for tracks because it is hard to be sure from the aerial image, and the tracktype is sufficient to indicate quality.

It's time to import TIGER address ranges into OSM about 3 years ago

Sure having addresses in OSM is nice. Unfortunately having them won't make much of a difference regarding the usability of OSM in the US, especially the rural parts, because what we need here first is fixing road geometry and classification: All over the rural US we have thousands of "residential roads" which in reality are mostly agricultural/forestry/mining tracks, many unclassified roads, some tertiary highways and very few are even really residential roads. Also important would be to get some information on road surface into the database, at least the information if the road is paved or not. So, if everyone who wants to import addresses into OSM would first pick a rural county and fix up the TIGER data there before proceeding with an address import (maybe just for that single county?) we would make a lot of progress IMHO.

Hamlets in US cities about 3 years ago

In the areas I have seen these "hamlets" are mostly named trailer courts. Does anyone have a good idea how to tag these places instead of place=hamlet?