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香港澳门台湾代办高额信用卡13729493170出售冒名信用卡黑卡 about 2 months ago


Tips Wisata - Mengunjungi Eropa 2 months ago

Enters a group of Vikings, singing "Spam, Spam, wonderful Spam ..." First time I see spam here illustrated with a (seriously outdated) map, though.

What are these numbers? 9 months ago

Regarding the "local language": Signs in Qatar are usually bi- or tri-lingual with Arabic and English always present. At least my observation when visiting there was that basically everyone in Qatar was able to speak English while only about half of the people could speak Arabic, due to a very high number of immigrants.

What are these numbers? 9 months ago

The city quarters in Doha do indeed have a name and a number. AFAIR both are usually printed on local maps there.

Abandoned railway or gone forever? 10 months ago

There has been a lot of discussion on this topic already. Please have a look at and follow the links from there.

Trolle auf der Karte unterwegs / Trolling in OpenStreetMap map about 1 year ago

Ich vermute, Du meinst Ich tippe auf ein schlichtes Versehen und nicht auf Böswilligkeit / Vandalismus.

SEO about 1 year ago

And now all the Vikings sing: "Spam, Spam, wonderful Spam ..."

My first entry. about 1 year ago


Happy Birthday and Welcome!

Just to clear up a possible small misunderstanding: OSM does NOT use Bing as a basemap; the OSM map data is entirely independent. However, OSM users are allowed to use the BING aerial imagery (but NOT the map) to trace features in OSM.

Rivers in Palawan not showing on main map almost 2 years ago

hmm, apparently the rivers are now being rendered, but only for zoom 11. No idea what the problemfor the higher zoom levels is.

Rivers in Palawan not showing on main map almost 2 years ago

The problem was apparently caused by relation 1552282, a multipoligon relation for Palawan island. The outer ways were in the wrong order (not forming a continuous loop). I fixed that and now rivers begin to show again on the standard map. However, I don't understand what this relation is supposed to be used for. The island coastline is already defined by the coastline ways alone, no multipoligon relation needed for that.

Editing Kinmundy, Il, USA for accuracy about 2 years ago

A good starting point might be and the pages linked from there. An important background information that might take a while to discover on your own is that most of the US data on our map has been imported from other sources; for the street network the main source has been the TIGER data set (see ). This data set unfortunately had some serious quality problems, for example dirt driveways marked as normal road. You might have heard of that problem :-) In many other countries most of the data has been added by people collecting GPS traces or tracing aerial imagery. You might notice after a while that this leads to some cultural differences in the way people approach the problem of incorrect or incomplete map data. However, we have a common goal of working towards the best possible map and map data base ever. Outside the wiki there are mailing lists (see ), of special interest to US mappers might be the talk-us list, and there is a webforum (with among others a little used forum named users: United States). There is probably a lot of other stuff that I have forgot to mention, but you will find that yourself eventually.

Have fun mapping!

Editing Kinmundy, Il, USA for accuracy about 2 years ago

Well, the original TIGER data has a lot of driveways, alleys etc. marked as residentials highways (highway=residential), which is clearly an error and one of the problems with the TIGER data. So, to fix this problem, the driveways incorrectly marked as residential roads can be removed (which is perfectly ok), or they can be tagged as driveways (with highway=service, service=driveway) instead. In that case, where these driveways are private drives without public access, they should also be tagged as access=private.

Separate account requirement for all imports, even small ones (erg, what is small ?) about 2 years ago

Well, reading the talk list I did read quite often from members of the DWG that they do NOT require a separate account for users doing a manually checked import of a small amount of buildings and have no intention whatsoever of blocking someone for doing this kind of work with his own user account. And I see often other people repeating again that it is really unfair that the DWG requires separate accounts for doing a small import of manually checked building data. So, obviously either at least on one side of the discussion there are people in write only mode that totally ignore anything written by the other side or someone is lying or someone thinks that a small import is something on the order of a few hundreds of buildings while others consider a few hundred thousands buildings still a "small" import. Whatever it is: please accept that the other side (whatever side that might be) does want the best for the project as you want as well (hopefully), and if something sounds rude or aggressive then that is probably because neither they nor you write in your or their native language and it is easy to misunterstand something.

Türme und Masten over 2 years ago

Du unterliegst hier einem Missverständnis: es gibt nicht "die" Karte. Im Projekt erfassen wir zunächst einmal Daten über die real existierende Daten in einer Datenbank, die für alles mögliche genutzt werden kann, u.a. auch für das Rendern von Karten. Davon gibt es auch wiederum sehr viele, die jeweils unterschiedliche Aspekte auf unterschiedliche Weise darstellen. Auf hast Du oben z.B. einen Umschalter zwischen vier verschiedenen Karten, die alle auf der gleichen Datenbank aufbauen; stärker thematisch unterschiedliche Karten findest Du z.B. auf

Attempting to revert destructive changesets over 2 years ago

Apparently your data was deleted by a new user jlerath who only has three changesets, all of them deleting lots of data in the MTU area. I think it would be ok to simply revert the changesets; either the user made a bad mistake (then its ok) or it was a malicious act (and reverting that is ok). You probably should contact the user to get more information; if it was a mistake he needs to find out what went wrong. The moderation mailing list is no longer used; if vandalism continues in your area please contact the data working group.

Openlayer-Probleme? over 2 years ago

Ich habe es erfahren, indem ich im Firefox die Fehlerconsole aktiviert habe und auf die Seite gegangen bin. Die in dick-schwarz geschriebene Fehlermeldung beschwerte sich über ein Problem mit dem Osmarender Layer; und dass der vor ein paar Tagen weggefallen ist, wusste ich schon.

Openlayer-Probleme? over 2 years ago

Die Karten funtionieren nicht, weil sie versuchen, den nicht mehr vorhandenen Osmarender-Layer zu initialisieren.

OSM, my new hobby. OSM开放式地图,我的新爱好 over 2 years ago

Two words of warning:
first - mapping can be addictive and take up a signifikant part of your time :-)
second - apparently the government does not like it if people do mapping in China. See for more details (and of course for more information on OSM in China).
And, last but not least: Welcome in the mapping community! We are glad to have you here!

Sao Luis Maranhao almost 3 years ago

There are no roads on the map because no-one has added them yet. But yau can change that and add them yourself! To find out how that works try looking at first.

Agadir almost 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for your work on Morocco. Please remember to upload your tracks too, so they can be used to average out with other tracks to improve precision.