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Test driving iD

Posted by lxbarth on 14 December 2012 in English (English)

Stoked about test driving the great work of Tom, Richard, John, Saman and others on the new iD editor. Here's a quick screenshot. You can get started yourself with iD fast, just clone the repo, point your browser to the index.html file in it and get started editing. Note that if you'd like to upload your changes to the test server, you'll need an account on it. Report any bugs you're finding on the issue queue.

Videos of Nov 24 Webcasts Up

Posted by lxbarth on 26 November 2012 in English (English)

Back From Intro Workshop with NYC Community at Foursquare Headquarters

Posted by lxbarth on 24 September 2012 in English (English)

We're on the bus now heading back from New York City to Washington DC after an eventful week (read about the $575k Knight awarded Development Seed for OpenStreetMap work on the MapBox blog).

Here are some pictures of the OpenStreetMap intro workshop Ian and I held yesterday at foursquare's headquarter's. Thanks to the NYC OSM community leads Liz, Serge and Eric for the initiative and promotion.

Thanks to David Blackman of foursquare for kindly offering foursquare's great digs in Manhattan for this workshop. Join the OSM NYC Meetup Group if you'd like to stay in the loop on all things mapping NYC.

A great crowd of about 30 people turned out for the workshop.

Kicking off with examples of the many ways of how OpenStreetMap data can be used.

We quickly went hands-on and started editing and improving data on OpenStreetMap using JOSM.

Ian showing how to build quick OpenStreetMap based maps using Migurski's shapefile extracts and TileMill

Liz Barry explains how DIY aerial imagery can be used in OpenStreetMap

And yeah, the view from foursquare's office is killer

Location: SoHo, New York, New York City, New York, 10012, United States of America

In Tokyo for State of the Map 2012

Posted by lxbarth on 29 August 2012 in English (English)

kkaefer, ajashton and myself will head to Tokyo for State of the Map.

We'll arrive on Wednesday afternoon and head out on Monday afternoon. Hotel TBD. On Saturday, I'll give a talk about how we're improving OpenStreetMap with Foursquare.

I'm looking forward to meeting / seeing many great people. Drop me a line if you'd like to get in touch ahead of time.

Calle Tokio in Mexico City

Location: Uehara, Shibuya, Kita-Adachi, Japan

September 22nd: OSM intro workshop in NYC

Posted by lxbarth on 23 August 2012 in English (English)

Come out to the OSM introductory workshop in New York City on September 22nd 2012.

We'll start form square one, with an intro to OSM and its data, learning JOSM, using OSM resources and more. This clearly targets new comers to OSM mapping, but if you're a seasoned mapper, you should come out too. The NYC community is just reviving and there are lots of priorities to discuss and new people to meet. Of course, we should have drinks after (where TBD).

Find out all the details and sign up on the NYC OSM Meetup group.

Thanks to Liz Barry for organizing the event.

I am looking forward to see you there!

Location: Flatiron, New York County, New York City, New York, 10010, United States of America

OpenStreetMap workshops with Ônibus Hacker in Rio de Janeiro

Posted by lxbarth on 21 August 2012 in English (English)

For documentation's sake: a couple of pictures from OSM workshops in Rio de Janeiro's Cidade de Deus and Complexo do Alemão with Ônibus Hacker, around the Rio+20 Conference for Sustainable Development in June.

Cidade de Deus - street signs

Cidade de Deus - jotting down location and name of points of interest

Cidade de Deus - splitting up our survey areas with Walking Papers

Cidade de Deus - bike path

Cidade de Deus - not quite a point of interest

Cidade de Deus - the hacker bus

Cidade de Deus - the survey team

Complexo do Alemão - dense footpaths

Complexo do Alemão - cable car

Complexo do Alemão - shot from the cable car

Complexo do Alemão - the survey team

Location: Cidade de Deus, Rio de Janeiro, Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Mapping Northern Uganda with the American Red Cross

Posted by lxbarth on 20 August 2012 in English (English)

The American Red Cross and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team called on Volunteers to Map the Ugandan Cities Gulu and Lira on World Humanitarian Day

Mapping at the American Red Cross Headquarters yesterday. On the screen a video message from the team in Uganda.

A good two dozen mappers followed HOT's and ARC's call to help map Gulu and Lira as an effort to improve maps for fire fighters and rescue teams.

GeoEye has provided improved satellite imagery that State Department helped process and host for the event. About two dozen volunteers helped trace roads, tracks, buildings and huts from imagery. As a next step the American Red Cross will send a team of trainers to Uganda to initiate necessary ground surveys verifying tracing work and to teach Quantum GIS skills for using OSM data.

You can still join the effort by picking up tasks from one of the two HOT OSM Tasking manager jobs:

For any questions around this effort, get in touch with Robert Banick from the American Red Cross.

Further reading

Location: Farragut Square, Southwest Waterfront, Washington, District of Columbia, 20036, United States of America

Después del Taller de OSM en Mexico DF - Wrapping Up and Next Steps

Posted by lxbarth on 13 August 2012 in Spanish (Español)

(English further down)

Gracias a todos por atender al taller de OpenStreetMap Mexico DF el viernes y el sabado pasado. Huracán Ernesto hizo que nos quedamos adentro, pero de hecho eso fue excelente, como así pudimos enfocarnos de manera muy profunda en las herramientas de OpenStreetMap.

Ahora, mantengamos el impulso! Como resultado del evento Vitor George abrió una lista de correo para México: talk-mx, suscríbete aquí para mantenerte en contacto! Planificamos unos talleres parecidos alrededor de Desarrollando Latinoamerica que tendrá lugar en varios ciudades Latinoamericanos el 1 y 2 de Diciembre. Mandame un mensaje si estás interesado en ayudar a organizar, impartir, programar o diseñar.

Muchas gracias a Telmex Hub por equipo, lugar y promoción el evento. Tanto a nuestros amigos del Citivox, SocialTic y Fundar que hicieron posible este evento.

Aquí algunas fotos, una lista de enlaces y temas de los cuales hablamos y algunos usuarios que atendieron. También veanse estas fotos de fotografía aerea del domingo en el Chapultepec.

Hasta muy pronto!


Thanks everyone for coming out to the Mexico City OpenStreetMap workshops on Friday and Saturday. The fact that Hurricane Ernesto kept us inside I think was a good thing as it allowed us to do a great deep dive into doing OpenStreetMap work.

Let's keep the momentum going now, as a result of the event, Vitor George has initiated the talk-mx list, I encourage you to sign up! We're planning on similar OpenStreetMap workshops around Desarrollando Latinoamerica on December 1st and 2nd, please get in touch if you are interested in organizing, teaching, promoting, designing or programming for this event.

A big thanks goes to Telmex Hub for hosting the workshop and promotion and to our friends and partners at Citivox, SocialTic and Fundar for promoting this event.

Here are a couple of pictures from the workshop, a list of useful links we've talked about and a links of some of the OpenStreetMap users who were present. Also check out these balloon mapping pictures from Sunday.

Vitor explaining Relations

Saturday's training Photo: Karla Lopez

We did breakout sessions for introductory classes. Photo Karla Lopez

Temas y enlaces

Unos cuantos temas y enlaces de Viernes y Sábado. / These are a couple of links around topics we've talked about on Friday and Saturday.

Listas de correo


Enlaces de usuarios que dejaron su información. Iré agregando en cuanto sepa de los demás. / These are the links to attendees' user accounts who I've managed to gather, I'll add as I get word from the others.

Location: Isabel la Catolica, missing, Distrito Federal, 06850, México

Balloon Mapping Mexico City

Posted by lxbarth on 13 August 2012 in Spanish (Español)

Este domingo salimos al Bosque de Chapultepec para volar un globo del excelente Balloon Mapping Kit del Public Laboratory. Encuentra aquí una pequeña historia de fotos de este día. La idea era de sacar fotos aereas, no fue tan exitoso como nos hubiera gustado...

Haz click en las fotos para ver más información.

This Sunday we went to Chapultepec park to fly a balloon (using the excellent [Balloon Mapping Kit of Public Laboratory. See here a pictures of the day. The idea was to create areal imagery, it didn't quite work out that way...

Click on pictures for more info.

Location: Gran Avenida, Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, Distrito Federal, 11800, México

Taller OSM Mexico DF Agosto 2012

Posted by lxbarth on 9 August 2012 in English (English)

Eric and myself will be leading a MapBox training and OpenStreetMap mapping party in Mexico City tomorrow, Friday (10) and Saturday (11). On both days we will meet at the Telmex Hub in the center of Mexico City. You can find all the details on our blog.

In preparation, I've done some research in areas of Mexico DF we could be focussing on. The weather might not be cooperating, scroll to the bottom to see our plan for if we're stuck with rain.

Ground surveys

Here are a lot of areas in Mexico DF that we could survey with Walking Papers and GPS. I've pulled a bunch of them together based on what I see missing on the DF map, not knowing these areas myself. Let's pick ones that are busy and safe enough. Please add more where you see fit.

We should also figure out whether we can/should get bikes or cars for the survey.

(Click to go to see map on

Around La Raza

Around Camarones station

Area around Casco de Santo Tomás IPN

(Just south of the Camarones area described above)

Around Bandojito

North of Aragón

Peñón de los Baños

West of Iztacalco

Around Juanacatlan

The missing street names are due to the redaction process.

Around San Joaquín

This is just north of Polanco

Inside activities

There's a good chance of rain - if we can't do a ground survey (some rain shouldn't stop us) we have a backup program:

Location: Isabel la Catolica, missing, Federal District, 06850, Mexico

Going to Rio - who'd be up for some OpenStreetMap fun?

Posted by lxbarth on 7 June 2012 in English (English)

I'll be in Rio for Rio+20 and launching InfoAmazonia. I'd love to do some OSM work there, I'm thinking walking papers. Please get in touch if you're interested.

Location: Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Southeast Region, Brazil

What's the story behind these disconnected streets in Lima?

Posted by lxbarth on 2 May 2012 in English (English)

I'm working with Rub21 right now on improving Lima. We're finding a lot of disconnected streets there. What's the story behind these? I'm seeing that at least some of the remaining streets are by user Telecom IP - I'll be sending him a message. Not sure whether this is license change related, I remember seen these disconnected roads in Lima well before the bots kicked in.

Right now our plan of action is to repair the streets that match nicely with Bing satellite imagery and not touch those that don't. I'd like to eventually repair or remove the ones that appear to be garbage, too.

Location: Calle Las Cruces, Lurigancho, Lima, Peru

Quick report on walking papers work in Brasilia

Posted by lxbarth on 24 April 2012 in English (English)

I just posted a quick report on walking papers work in Brasilia on our blog, check it out:

Take aways:

  • Brasilia block system was tricky to figure out...
  • ... and is now tricky to enter. Please join the discussion for a solution

Debriefing with Lima

Location: Colônia Agrícola Samambaia, Vicente Pires, Região Integrada de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal e Entorno, Federal District, Brazil

Mapping Brasilia on Sunday

Posted by lxbarth on 12 April 2012 in English (English)

If you're in Brasilia, join us on Sunday for some Walking Papers action, here are the details:

Location: Colônia Agrícola Samambaia, Vicente Pires, Região Integrada de Desenvolvimento do Distrito Federal e Entorno, Federal District, Brazil

In Sarajevo from Wednesday through Sunday

Posted by lxbarth on 13 February 2012 in English (English)

I will be in Sarajevo from Wednesday (Feb 15) to Sunday (Feb 19) for POINT conference:

- Thursday 7PM: Geo Data workshop, OSM, TileMill, QGis, etc. - would love to connect with OSM'ers!
- Friday 3.15PM: Talk about Fast and Beautiful Maps made of Open Data

Poke me on Twitter if you're interested in joining in for the workshop or just catching up.

Location: Cicin Han, Soukbunar, Radava, Center municipality, City of Sarajevo, Sarajevo Canton, Entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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