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First buildings and addresses in New York City over 1 year ago

Hey there - you can easily install your own tasking manager from here

A Social Without Groups over 1 year ago


So in summary, I think good and well linked notifications management is a good idea. But there's really no significant technical changes, because if you posted to a group, you should also definitely be subscribed in some way.

Not quite. On a technical level I'm proposing to allow posting to a group (topic) that you're not subscribed to and to not automatically subscribe someone to a group (topic) that he/she posted to.

I do think we should automatically subscribe people to comments on entries they wrote and comments on entries they commented on (very similar to how it works today). There should always be an opt-out obviously.

A Social Without Groups over 1 year ago

Thanks for taking time to respond everyone. I really appreciate it.

My point here was less about no social on OSM, but about the merit of groups specifically. I think that was by and large clear but I wanted to reiterate this.

Now, this argument here from Richard is compelling to me and I'm starting to understand what we're really missing on OSM:

I see your point, Alex, that "today OpenStreetMap enthusiasts gather in spaces on mailing lists,, Twitter, Facebook, forums, and Google Groups"... but honestly, I don't think they do. Not over here, anyway. Super-connected guys in metropolitan areas are doing so, I guess, but that fixes London and NYC and SF - not the rest of the world.

With this in mind I took another look at the groups PR. Specifically, here's what I like about it:

  1. Groups expand on Diaries
  2. You can comment on a post in a group you're not member of

However, I still need to join a group in order to be able to post a new post to that group, I assume also email notifications will be tied to group membership. Could this be more open? Also: we'll likely wind up where we'll want to offer opt out email notifications of groups for the ones who read online.

I'd like to suggest a small modification to the group concept that I think makes the approach tighter:

  • Do away with joining groups.
  • Call groups 'topics'. Once there's no joining, the 'group' branding is misleading.
  • Introduce an email notifications management page that allows for opt-in emails. Make this look great and prominent: "Subscribe to topics you're interested in".

This move, while technically a fairly small change, would bring significant improvements:

  • allow us to conceptually tie what's called groups right now even tighter to diary entries
  • not have a group join page and a notifications management page
  • emphasize topics over people, "groups" rings always a bit exclusive "what makes me a worthy 'member'?"


New contributor experience over 1 year ago

Thank you for taking your time to write this up:

My biggest confusion at first was that my edits didn't show up right away, and the interface provided no hint about why that was happening (so I wondered if I was doing something wrong).

Any specific POI's you couldn't find in iD that make you switch back to Potlatch? iD is the intended successor to Potlatch so any suggestions to improve iD are more than welcome. Feel free to file requests directly to the GitHub repository for iD:

A new way of fast browsing of latest changes over 1 year ago

seav -

I think another vital tool is a way to easily analyze a single changeset.

Interesting... didn't know of OSM History Viewer. I see it's slow computing some changesets, how could it be fast? Just preprocess them all?

A new way of fast browsing of latest changes over 1 year ago

Mikel -

Issue is that it only works efficiently at high zoom level

we could get to lower zoom levels by speeding up the API endpoints - i. e. getting tiled data. Not sure what'd be involved there in terms of setting up infrastructure or what existing APIs (overpass?) we could use here but it's a solved problem from an architecture perspective.

LearnOSM Relaunched almost 2 years ago

balrog-kun - I see, wasn't aware of a PDF. I just posted a ticket to Jeff Haack:

LearnOSM Relaunched almost 2 years ago

balrog-kun - I'm pretty certain there's never been a Polish version. I've been in the past tricked into thinking there was one as the Indonesian flag looks so similar. I'm sure a Polish version would be welcome though.

Michelin publishing a first paper map based on OSM ! almost 2 years ago

They just did this quietly? Or is there a larger announcement somewhere?

Guided Tagging by an interpreter of XML-formated rules almost 2 years ago

Hey karlos -

Check out the Taginfo projectt or pop into #ideditor and suggest your idea to tmcw, jfire, richardf et al.

If you'd like to see how taginfo is currently being used, check out iD's code:

Related reading:

Spot checking the openstreetmap-carto style about 2 years ago

I see a flaw in your setup that might be the cause of a lot of the differences. Mapnik is not very determenistic and small variance in the input data such as order of elements etc. can make a big difference in the rendered map. You are using a relativly newly imported database for the carto rendering and a very old database for the osm rendering. For a propper comparason you should use the same database for both maps.

Thanks for pointing this out, Gnonthgol. I sort of had this hunch especially with label placement.

I would love to see some new development on the osm style.

Can't wait for that, personally.

Test driving iD about 2 years ago

Zverik: I just opened an issue for that

Test driving iD about 2 years ago

Stereo: you're spot on, I should be closer to the footprint :)

aseerel4c26: what looks like curve refinement, there isn't much curve refinement going on right now :) Glad you're excited about movement on iD though, expect a more comprehensive update on development status before the end of the year.

Hyattsville Mapping Party about 2 years ago

I don't think I would have ever made it to Hyattsville if not for OpenStreetMap. As ever, it's a perfect way to pay more attention and see the hidden world just around the corner.

Right on.

Here's a quick rendering of the changes produced so far from yesterday's mapping party, as far as I can see not all changes have been entered yet. Click for interactive map:

The end of the party - Operation Cowboy about 2 years ago

O, the town of Thank you, Montana :D

Thanks to you for setting this up!

In Tokyo for State of the Map 2012 over 2 years ago

@LivingWithDragons - fantastic. I'll see you there.

OpenStreetMap workshops with Ônibus Hacker in Rio de Janeiro over 2 years ago

Yup, real. Beautiful animal, right? Just the guitar shop in itself was great.

What's the story behind these disconnected streets in Lima? over 2 years ago

Update: Rub21 has done a lot of work in cleaning up Lima and got it to a pretty good point. We got awesome help by WernerP

Here's a rough viz showing the edits in the past month:

Going to Rio - who'd be up for some OpenStreetMap fun? over 2 years ago

Skippern - thanks for mentioning, I am following it. I should have updated here.

Also: there the HackerBus from São Paulo will be in Rio - more info on the thackday list. The tentative plan is to do an OSM workshop on Saturday, June 16 in Complexo do Alemão.

Quick report on walking papers work in Brasilia over 2 years ago

Hey alexz - just seeing your comment now. After a discussion on the tagging list, we're planning on using a closed way tagged

place=block area=yes

for blocks. Issue right now is that such ways won't show up on : p