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The end of the party - Operation Cowboy over 1 year ago

O, the town of Thank you, Montana :D

Thanks to you for setting this up!

In Tokyo for State of the Map 2012 over 1 year ago

@LivingWithDragons - fantastic. I'll see you there.

OpenStreetMap workshops with Ônibus Hacker in Rio de Janeiro over 1 year ago

Yup, real. Beautiful animal, right? Just the guitar shop in itself was great.

What's the story behind these disconnected streets in Lima? almost 2 years ago

Update: Rub21 has done a lot of work in cleaning up Lima and got it to a pretty good point. We got awesome help by WernerP

Here's a rough viz showing the edits in the past month:

Going to Rio - who'd be up for some OpenStreetMap fun? almost 2 years ago

Skippern - thanks for mentioning, I am following it. I should have updated here.

Also: there the HackerBus from São Paulo will be in Rio - more info on the thackday list. The tentative plan is to do an OSM workshop on Saturday, June 16 in Complexo do Alemão.

Quick report on walking papers work in Brasilia almost 2 years ago

Hey alexz - just seeing your comment now. After a discussion on the tagging list, we're planning on using a closed way tagged

place=block area=yes

for blocks. Issue right now is that such ways won't show up on : p

Campo Grande is a desert! about 2 years ago

Amazing attitude, muzito. And... nice work guys: progress is pretty amazing...