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Wierd looking streets, what to do? about 4 years ago

The particular user has been reported to vandalize in other areas as well. Consequently, I removed his contributions in the Medicine Hat, CA area in changeset: 14807402.

Have a good week anyone and happy mapping.

Regards, Leuty

Wierd looking streets, what to do? over 4 years ago

Dear Greg

"However, anyone of any level of experience will make mistakes."

Yes, that is true and I do not exclude myself from it. I introduced a ton of mistakes while mapping myself.

Indeed Keepright is a very valuable tool to fix stuff as connectivity errors. However, I think that sometimes it is better to just leave an obvious error as it is rather than correcting it the wrong way (for instance if no visual reference is available). I think that is true for the case I describe here and that is why I ask for more info.

Thank you for your comment.


Wierd looking streets, what to do? over 4 years ago

Thank you for your help.

The Bing imagery was taken on 2010-06-23 and Yorii added the streets on 2011-07-15, so it could very well be than these streets were built between these two dates. I'll have to investigate further and ask on mailing-lists if someone has imagery or lives around there.

Cheers, Leuty

PS: source=* tags ftw!

Wierd looking streets, what to do? over 4 years ago

Thank you for the suggestions. I wrote to the user and I will check on the age of the images tomorrow.

How can I get the date when a particular node was added within JOSM?

Start about 5 years ago

I'd say do whatever mood you are into at the moment you unpack your GPS or open your editor is best. One day it is adding a street, another day adding a village node or a tree. We won't tell you "do this and that". Fun is the #1 goal of this project. Have a good day and welcome to OSM!

Kartenausschnitt aus OSM auf unserer Firmenwebsite about 7 years ago

habi auch gemacht :-D