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New road style for the Default map style - the second version 10 months ago

Can you maybe give an example where this happens? It is worth testing.

Just a quick search.

New road style for the Default map style - the second version 10 months ago

At least roads through beaches are rare.

They may be running through the natural=sand however (for example in some areas of Africa).

I have no strong notion toward showing "major" buildings at this level, size matters more in this case. I would rather skip showing all the buildings for now, because they won't make any pattern anyway (and that's what other users were interested in), but maybe we could find sane threshold for displaying really big/important buildings. However I guess we don't have to do it now and add them later if needed.

Last but not least: I'm deeply impressed by the work you've done already and the way you interact with the rest of community! While it's called merely "new road style", for me it's much needed general overhaul of the middle zoom levels, because you also care for many other details. Thanks, and I mean A LOT! =}

New road style for the Default map style - the second version 10 months ago

I think making landuse=residential darker would compensate also for lack of buildings on this level. IMO z12 is middle scale and the most important shapes here are lines (roads, railways), landuses/natural areas (water, forest, residential, industrial, military, fields, airports...) and names of cities/towns/villages. Individual buildings just don't belong here - their generalized "pattern" is just landuse area.

But if we want to show some buildings anyway, I would consider rendering special buildings only (also called "major"). Currently they are just places of worship, but it's way too narrow and we should expand it with other public building types, like castle or stadium. This way we would have overall impression where people live (landuse=residential) and we could spot the most important buildings easily.

About problems with [surface=unpaved; access=destination] roads 11 months ago

I think the only sane solution is to just start drawing landuse=residential where they are still not tagged. This is exactly kind of synthetic measure needed for low and medium level, the same as other types of areas like forests, farmlands or water.

Residential roads clearly belong to higher zoom level, z=12 is too early for them - it already makes more complete mapped places look worse and less mapped places look better, so I consider it kind of penalty for making good work.

Why should we wait any longer - and how long should it be?

What's your OpenStreetMap story? about 1 year ago

I was already Linux citizen journalist and an active Wikipedian, so OSM was just next interesting project to try contributing to. I started with streets and house numbers in my hometown and today I mostly like micromapping it with shops and services (because I never remember such details as opening hours!) or other local amenities to reflect real space better and try to make default map style better suited for this task (I designed and proposed a few icons lately), because it's fun and I think many average users would also like to have the most detailed map of their neighborhood possible. I also try to translate tools like JOSM or Wiki pages, because I use it a lot and I want to lower the entry barrier for other mappers.