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Posted by kevjs1982 on 11 December 2010 in English (English)

Although Bing Imagery has only been available for use for a few days I've been taking advantage of it and the current cold spell to tidy up a number of bits I've wanted to sort for a while - places where I haven't been able to get a good GPS fix (mainly due to trees, fortunately in Nottingham it appears to have been early spring when the imagery was taken so not too much foliage to block the view), or haven't particularly felt like it being a wise idea to be walking around with a GPS, Smart Phone, and camera (the nearby industrial estate, schools, and various car parks for instance) and also some junctions which I couldn't get quite right from my on the ground mapping.

I've also spotted a number of what look like paths which I now need to resurvey - my GPS tracks got a bit messy where most of these are as they pre-date EGNOSS going live (is open street bugs the right place to add these questionable bits to? Being able to add them at home when using Bing Imagery then going out and checking them out with OSMAnd would be a very powerful tool - i.e. OSM is currently wrong, and might not be wrong, but someone/me needs to check to ensure it's correct).

The combination of on the ground surveys / visits and the associated GPS traces, OS Open Data, and Bing imagery makes it so much easier than the dodgy GPS traces and NPE which was all there was when I started OSMing just over two years ago! And no more trying to guesstimate where stuff is on the ground by noting stuff that lines up with it (e.g. the corner of a rugby field happening to line up with a kink in the road).

There are some interesting artefacts where one photo appears to be a couple of meters out from the adjacent one (normally around the edge of the old Yahoo! photography which means stuff in that area doesn't line up properly anyway).

Oh, and curse the new Potlatch having the little bugs on the map, went to tidy up a single road through a nearby junction and three hours later I've fixed a lot more bits - it's sent me on a bug killing spree ;o)

Now to get out tomorrow and get me a GPS trace of the A46's new northbound carriageway which is now apparently in use for two way traffic...

Location: Victoria Retail Park, Netherfield, Gedling, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, England, United Kingdom

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