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A MapRoulette Update: V2, Pedestrian Safety, GeoJSON, and Floating Ways in China 6 months ago

I wonder how many (percentage) of those roads in China have been created by one user...

Alışmayın 11 months ago

OSM oyun oynamaya benzer fakat aynı zamanda bir şeyler oluşturuluyor; başkası akıllı cep aygıtına yazılımları yükleyip offline bile yol bulabilir - yani zaman boşu boşuna gitmez ;-)

Ama eğer evliysen dikkat et...! :D

Need contribution from geospatial specialist/cartographer from Borneo to update the map! over 1 year ago

Do you need these (for me meaningless) nodes tagged with non-osm tags ADM_TYPE, HQ_NAME, PERIMETER, RSO03200_1 etc or can I delete them? (example)

Sibersonik web tasarım almost 3 years ago


汉江流域 almost 3 years ago

you're welcome ;-)

rivers in China over 3 years ago

I kind of solved the problem after finding on (now defunct) which consists of a shapefile of chinese rivers. almost 4 years ago


Villa Turizm almost 4 years ago


Hotel Mevre almost 4 years ago


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harita eş deger over 4 years ago


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Closing the gaps in the chinese highway network over 5 years ago

Firstly chinese contributors are needed! ;-) BTW: are there any sources for names and routes of Gxxx expressways other than wikipedia? Especially: is there a Yuwu Expressway, possibly part of G75?

Satellite Photos almost 6 years ago

Eğer josm kullanıyorsan onun WMS eklentiyle Landsat resimleri da kullanılabilir fakat o da fazla ayrıntılı değil (300 metre kadar) - en azından Yahoo'dan iyi. Yahoo'nun Türkideki ayrıntılı resimler maalesef sadece İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir ve Adana'da bulunur...

Üstelik Türkiye'den kendisinden gelen kaynaklar de hiç yok! Serbest kullanımda olan .shp dosyaları, kroki, il ve ilçe sınırları v.b. bildiğim kadarıyla yok!

rivers of Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville and Cameroon almost 6 years ago

Well, you'll have to download and activate the WMS plugin in josm - then you can choose the landsat imagery. To get an overview of an area zoom out to about 5km - to map small winding streams you'll have to zoom in down to around 300m...

Have a look at the possibilities of the Landsat layer(s) in josm by right-clicking on it...

Have a look at